Cocoa exported to Europe can now be traceable — COCOBOD CEO reveals

Agriculture Cocoa exported to Europe can now be traceable —COCOBOD CEO reveals
SEP 20, 2023 LISTEN

The Chief Executive Officer of Ghana COCOBOD has announced the implementation of a traceability system for cocoa farmers in the export of cocoa beans to international markets without encountering restrictions.

This significant development aims to align Ghana's cocoa industry with international regulations, providing greater transparency and accountability in the cocoa supply chain.

The COCOBOD CEO, Joseph Boahen Aidoo emphasized that by December 31 cocoa farmers will be required to adhere to this traceability system to transport cocoa to any European port.

The system, established under his leadership, he noted is designed to exempt Ghanaian cocoa farmers from potential export limitations.

He explained, "If you are exporting cocoa to any European port and they are not able to trace it, you will be disallowed, but this system that we have built makes every cocoa from Ghana permissible to enter European ports because it's traceable."

In addition to the traceability system, the COCOBOD CEO highlighted the implementation of a Cocoa Management System (CMS) to organize and maintain a comprehensive database of cocoa farmers in the country.

Mr Boahen Aidoo also revealed that digitalization has played a vital role in enhancing the cocoa sector's efficiency.

He noted, "We have a digital address system for every farm in Ghana. So, for example, if I want you to go to my farm, I'll simply provide you with the coordinates, and you can navigate directly to the farm."

Currently, over 700,000 cocoa farmers have been registered within the CMS.

Gideon Afful Amoako
Gideon Afful Amoako

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