Come and trade, make money — Kenya to allow visa-free travel for all Africans

Headlines Come and trade, make money — Kenya to allow visa-free travel for all Africans
AUG 14, 2023 LISTEN

Kenya has announced plans to remove visa restrictions for all African Union member states later this year in an effort to boost pan-African integration.

The move was revealed by Cabinet Secretary for Foreign and Diaspora Affairs, Alfred Nganga Mutua.

Mr. Mutua said the move demonstrates Kenya's commitment to play a leading role in regional integration.

It's also expected to boost tourism and generate revenue for Kenyan businesses.

"For an African to visit a European nation, is like trying to milk an elephant because of the visa process. However, for Europeans to visit an African nation, it’s like a walk in the beach. African must not fear fellow Africans. Kenya will be open to African countries freely to come and trade and also make money," he stated.

The policy change will allow citizens from AU member states to travel to Kenya without having to obtain a visa first.

This eases restrictions on travel, trade and cross-border cooperation within the continent.

Currently, Kenyans can visit about 25 African countries without a visa.

Under the new policy, citizens of more than 50 AU nations will have reciprocal privileges to enter Kenya visa-free.

The announcement comes amidst the kickoff of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement.

Kenya has been a strong proponent of AfCFTA, which aims to create a single market liberalizing trade and movement across Africa—headquartered in Accra, Ghana.

No firm date has been set for implementation, but the policy, which represents a major milestone in strengthening connectivity between African countries, is slated to take effect before the end of 2023.

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