NPP Parliamentary race: Former Constituency Chairman files to contest Ho West

NPP NPP Parliamentary race: Former Constituency Chairman files to contest Ho West

The former Ho West Constituency Chairman Hon. Eric Nick Asiwome Gonyuie has filed his nomination forms to contest the Ho West New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary primaries.

Hon. Eric Gonyuie picked and filed his nomination on Monday August 7 at the party's constituency office at Dzolokpuita for the second time.

He lost the 2019 race to Hon. Togbe Nfodzo as the Parliamentary Candidate in the Ho West Constituency and subsequently joined him to campaign in the 2020 elections.

Hon. Gonyuie, an Accountant, farmer and businessman said he is in the contest to enable the party win the seat in the Ho West considering how hard he has worked for the party in the Constituency in the previous elections.

He believes it's time to consolidate the gains he has chalked in the constituency.

"In short I am here to work for my party. I am here to work towards the progress and the forward march of Ho West. And to work hand in hand with every single person so we can consolidate our gains and build upon them for a prosperous future for Ho West. I am being called upon to serve and I am here to serve," Hon. Gonyuie said

He said since 1996 he has been consistently working for the party making him a household name in the constituency.

"I have been on the field way back. Infact I started politics at a very tender age and I joined this party in 1996 and since then I have been very consistently working for this party and the name Gonyuie is a household name in the Ho West because there is one thing I believed in. If you see black say is black and if you see white say it's white though people may not like you for saying how it is, but few months few years down the line they will come and believe that this guy says the truth," he stated.

According to him, he aims to build NPP to become more appealing to the people of Ho West.

"Let's admit where we are coming from and where we're going then we can build this party together so that Ho West will see that there is a very unique and true alternative to the NDC that is what am willing to do," he stated.

He added that the delegates who rejected him in 2019 have called on him to come back due to his charisma and ability to move the Constituency in a new direction.

"They know I am very charismatic and you know in a Constituency like this we need a charismatic leader that can pull everybody along for a common goal so they are calling me to come back and I know this time by the grace of God it's a done deal.

"2019 is gone. This is 2023, this is a new dawn and the new dawn is calling for Gonyuie. I can assure you, this primaries that I am going into I am not coming out of this primaries with less than ninety percent of the vote. It's fully assured and endorsed that Gonyuie is winning this primaries with not less than Ninety percent of the votes that one I can promise because it is the call from her grassroots and I have accepted to lead them," he emphasised.

Hon. David Selorm Dartey the constituency Secretary of NPP in Ho West acknowledged the hard works of his former Chairman Hon. Gonyuie and admonished him to comport and submit himself accordingly

"Eric has contributed so much to the development of NPP in Ho West you're more than qualify to contest to lead NPP in the 2024 elections in the Ho West which is going to be one of the crucial elections in Ghana.

I implore you to submit yourself to all the processes. Let your followers conduct themselves well to avoid unnecessary tension before during and after the primaries because we need a united front to fight NDC which is our main target.

I wish you well in the days ahead." Hon. Dartey said.

Evans Attah Akangla
Evans Attah Akangla

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