Wed, 09 Aug 2023 Feature Article

The Midnight Miracle: A Memoir of Birth and Resilience

Jibril Mohamed childhood photoJibril Mohamed childhood photo

On the eve of 9th August, 1994, darkness enveloped the streets of war-torn Mogadishu. A city plagued by conflict, chaos, and curfew. Yet, fate had its own plans for this fateful night. At midnight, when the world slept, I made my grand entrance into this unforgiving world. But to truly understand the magnitude of this night, we must delve into the past and unravel the extraordinary journey that led me to that moment.

My mother, Nasra Mohamed, heavily pregnant and determined, defied the terrifying curfew that held the city captive. With fear gripping every breath, she embarked on a treacherous journey to the hospital, accompanied by my courageous grandmother, Batula Omar(May Allah have mercy on her soul). Under the cover of darkness, they crawled on their hands and knees, avoiding the searchlights of the oppressors. Their heads bowed, hearts pounding, and prayers whispered, they navigated the treacherous streets in hopes of a safe delivery.

Arriving at the hospital, filled with fear but also anticipation, my mother and grandmother were greeted by a renowned midwife, faduma, who had miraculously remained in service despite the horrors that surrounded them. Her voice, soft and soothing, resonated hope amidst despair. She delivered me, a tiny spark of life amidst the relentless chaos, and with a radiant smile, my grandmother declared, "You shall be named Jibriíl, the embodiment of an angel's strength and resilience!"

As I grew older, the nation continued to suffer from the brutality of war, and with each passing day, I witnessed unimaginable horrors. The conflicts of the 2000s tore families apart, leaving scars on the hearts of an entire nation. I found myself face to face with the darkest side of humanity, witnessing atrocities that young eyes should never behold.

Yet, amidst the desolation, a seed of hope took root within me. The suffering I witnessed became the driving force behind my unwavering commitment to serve the people. The lessons I carried, etched into my soul by circumstances beyond my control, served as a guiding light, shaping me into the person I would eventually become.

Determined to heal the wounds of my nation, I embarked on a journey of education and enlightenment. With boundless determination and fueled by the belief that one person can ignite change, I immersed myself in public service. Drawing strength from my mother's unwavering love and my grandmother's warrior spirit, I vowed to dedicate my life to those who experienced the depths of despair that I had witnessed firsthand.

As the years passed, the scars of war slowly began to heal, and a flicker of hope shone upon the scarred land. I found my purpose in rebuilding shattered communities, empowering women who had been silenced, and uplifting the marginalized. In dark corners where violence once reigned supreme, I became a beacon of light, tirelessly working to bridge the gaps that had torn us apart.

Today, as I reflect upon my journey, I stand proud as a product of my city's struggles and triumphs. The enduring strength of my mother and grandmother, coupled with the lessons I learned amidst the chaos, have shaped me into a public servant tirelessly dedicated to making a difference. I am a living testament to the resilience of Mogadishu, a city that refuses to be defined by its scars but rather by its capacity to heal and rise above adversity.

In the face of an uncertain future, I stride forward, forever grateful for the challenges that shaped me, the love that sustained me, and the birth that defied the darkest night. For I am Jibriíl, living proof that even amidst the harshest of circumstances, the human spirit, like an angel's wings, can soar above all.