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28.02.2007 General News

Extend Ghana @ 50 Activities To Rural Areas

Dear Editor, A lot of activities have been planned to mark the 50th anniversary of Ghana's independence but most of these programmes are taking place in the big towns, to the neglect of the rural areas.

I think we have left out those in the remote parts of the country who have no electricity, nor access to television or radio to know what is going on in the country.

Most of these people are ignorant of what is happening currently but they must not be left out of the celebrations. Measures must be taken to make those citizens part of the celebrations.

I also pray that members of the public will not politicise the celebrations.

This is also the time for Ghanaians, especially students, to be abreast of history and learn our patriotic songs, particularly the National Anthem and the National Pledge.

Pulcharia Tetteh-Wayoe,

Accra High School,

Ridge, Accra.