Safety awareness: Nortreus advises Africans citizens and investors to avoid Haiti until situation turns normal

By Marie Honore
Latin America & Caribbean Safety awareness: Nortreus advises Africans citizens and investors to avoid Haiti until situation turns normal
MAY 28, 2023 LISTEN

Haitian politician Werley Nortreus said on Sunday that he will not encourage or advise citizens or investors from African countries or others to visit or invest in Haiti from now on because of the violence and killings that are happening everywhere in the country.

Haiti is the only country in the Caribbean or the world that the United Nations and other NGO organizations rank as the place with the most crime and gangs.

Weeks ago, the Haitian population along with the police killed and burned more than 20 residents who they said were gang members. Not counting other residents across the country who are killed on the pretext that they are gang members.

After the assassination of the former Haitian President in 2021, the U.S. and Canada were among the countries that ordered sanctions against the Haitian elites who sponsored the gangs despite proof that most of the powerful weapons are from the United States.

A year later, the Dominican Republic ordered sanctions on former Prime Minister Claude Joseph for having a deep connection with the gangs. Canada's Prime Minister even called on Europe and other continents to join his sanctions on powerful Haitian elites.

During the Presidency of former President Moise, crimes and kidnappings were very high. President Moise was criticized for not saying anything at all about high crimes and kidnappings during his administration. Since his assassination by Colombians and Haitian-Americans, crimes and kidnapping continued.

Since the killings of some individuals weeks ago, other residents across the country are not free or safe. There are currently allegations or conspiracy of killing unknown residents who come from another area. If the population catches an unknown resident from another area, there is a 98% chance that the population will kill and burn that resident.

According to several sources, innocents are being caught in the illegal killings. For now, no one in this country is safe because the population is mixed with armed people going around killing anyone they don't recognize in an area even when they have no proof.

It was on Sunday, the Haitian politician Nortreus posted a safety alert publication on his Facebook account on the current crimes and assassinations across the country. He said he will not advise any citizens or investors from African countries to visit Haiti right now because there are many acts of violence and assassinations everywhere in the country.

"My concern on the current situation in Haiti. As a young Haitian politician who has friends and associates across the African continent, I will not advise citizens from African countries or investors to visit Haiti or invest right now because of violence and assassinations. Right now, this country is currently not safe to visit or invest in. Wait until the violence and assassinations go away to visit or invest", Nortreus said on what is currently happening in Haiti in order to save lives.

According to several other reports, among the dead individuals from past weeks to today, there are several innocent residents who died along with the ones that the population and police classified as gang members due to fraudulent identity.

Right now, no one is safe and any foreigners can get killed and burned because innocents are being caught.