U/E/R: OXFAM, Shea Network Ghana commemorates 2023 IWD at Sorbelle

By Adam Abdul-Fatawu Wunizoya || Contributor
Regional News UER: OXFAM, Shea Network Ghana commemorates 2023 IWD at Sorbelle
MAR 14, 2023 LISTEN

OXFAM Ghana, a leading international organization in the fight against gender inequalities, has urged Ghanaians to work towards breaking all cultural barriers that hinder the development of women and girls in the country.

The Women's Economic Advancement for Collective Transformation (WEACT) Project coordinator Madam Theresa Baveng, who made the call, observed that unfair treatment and inequalities have constantly denied women what was due them and have therefore affected their growth.

Madam Theresa made the call in remarks she read on behalf of the Country Director of OXFAM Ghana Mr. Tijani Hamza, on Wednesday March 8, 2023, at a community durbar to commemorate the 2023 International Women's Day celebration at Sorbelle in the Sissala West District of the Upper West region.

"Our research and studies in Ghana over the years establish that unfair treatment and inequalities have constantly put women behind men denying out girls, mothers, sisters, and aunts what is due them," he said.

The durbar was participated by many stakeholders including chiefs and people of Sorbelle and Jawia, all in the Sissala West District, organized by OXFAM Ghana and the Shea Network Ghana.

She called for the creation of an enabling environment that will help empower women to help them overcome existing social and economic barriers.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this stark evidence points to deep-rooted gender Inequalities that will only be reversed when we empower women, and give them the right tools and opportunities to maximize value across the economic and social ecosystem," he stated

The Project Coordinator underscored the need for using the durbar, which comprised drama and cultural performances, to commemorate the day, saying it was to encourage women to keep working hard and to also call for global support for women development.

She explained that as an organization, OXFAM was leveraging the available opportunities to influence the economic empowerment of women through the implementation of its projects in many communities across the nation.

"Indeed, it is one of the reasons why at Oxfam we prioritize gender justice and social inclusion," he noted.

On her part, the WEACT Project Manager at the Shea Network Ghana (SNG) Mrs. Ubaidatu Iddrisu, on behalf of the organization, explained that the SNG was a Civil Society Organization of Shea Sector Businesses that works to ensure that all players within the shea value chain benefit from the sector.

She also called on men to always give supporting hands to their wives both in their economic and domestic ventures.

The Assembly member for Jawia, Kassim Dadung on behalf of the chiefs and people of the two communities indicated that the presence of SNG and OXFAM Ghana in their communities brought a positive change in the lives of their women and children, and expressed gratitude to the two organizations for choosing to work in the area.

He also pledged the support of the communities to the activities of OXFAM and the SNG to help empower their women.

The Sissala West District Planning Officer Mr. Nuhu Ahmed Tijani on behalf of the District Assembly expressed gratitude to the Shea Network Ghana and OXFAM for supporting the economic development of women in the area.

He advised women to be committed in whatever they do in order to drive the needed benefits.