Ashaiman swoop: The military beatings was normal though I've lost a tooth; I was beaten badly but I take it in good faith — Victim

Social News Ashaiman swoop: The military beatings was normal though I've lost a tooth; I was beaten badly but I take it in good faith — Victim
MAR 10, 2023 LISTEN

Many residents in the invaded area in Ashaiman are living in fear and anger after the military swoop on Tuesday in a search and arrest of the killers of a military officer, Trooper Imoro Sherri.

Some residents in an interview revealed that scores of the people are traumatized and live in fear and anger, while some are on the alert to flee as rumours circulating indicate a possible return of the military men.

Mr Christopher Gameli an Okada Rider at Ashaiman Taifa said although he was able to escape the Tuesday invasion but fears their return.

"I was able to escape but I am afraid. I have not taken my children to school today because we are hearing that the soldiers will come back if they don't get the perpetrators of the crime.

“Some of my friends have fled the area but I have nowhere to go now so we are all on alert," he added.

Mr. Ganiu Mohammed Saani a victim who returned from the hospital expressed anger, explaining they caught him on his blindside.

"They raided us at a time many of us were asleep. We could have escaped or prevented the attack.

“What they did to us was unlawful and we are so angry. They could have engaged the community elders to fish out those who committed the barbaric act but they chose to brutalize innocent people," he said.

Mr. Daniel Segbafia another victim who lost a tooth at the cause of the assault described the incident as "normal".

"For me, I see everything to be normal. I have plans of entering the army so I understand what they did was their method of apprehending the perpetrators. Although I was beaten badly and I went to the hospital, the doctor says I'll be fine so I take it in good faith,” he said.

Another victim called on the police and appropriate authorities to see to it that the uniformed men are dealt with by the law.

He said no one was above the law and the crime they committed should not be pardoned.

Although the situation looked calm newsmen observed that some of the people sat in groups discussing the issue and its aftermath. Many of them were unwilling to give out any information for fear of being accused or arrested.

On Tuesday the Military High Command ordered an operation which involved reconnaissance manoeuvring at Ashaiman with ground men, an armoured tank, and two helicopters to arrest persons involved in the cold blood murder of a soldier on Sunday, March 5th.

The “search and arrest mission” started in the early hours of Tuesday and led to the entanglement with a section of the residents at Ashaiman enclave, especially at Newtown, Official Town, Valco Flat, and some parts of the Middle East all in the Ashaiman Municipality.

The Military High Command action was triggered by the murder of a soldier in cold blood by some unidentified men on Sunday nights.

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