Prince Harry: Authority drama! Will he lose both his children?

Feature Article Prince Harry: Authority drama! Will he lose both his children?

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are paying a heavy price for their scandalous revelations ...

Prince Harry took cocaine during his school years, later he tried mushrooms and as late as 2020 he rolled a joint in a quiet moment and listened to the "croaking of the frogs" while stoned. In his biography "Reserve", Harry talks candidly about his drug escapades. But these could now fall on the feet of the prince and his wife, Meghan. Will their sweet children be taken away from them?

Prince Harry: Will his past drug-life, now, fall on his feet?

The Duke of Sussex is currently suffering from anxiety. To relieve them, he has taken intoxicants, he writes in his book.

"Psychedelic drugs have also helped a little. But now I take them therapeutically, purely medically," says the father of two. That he is endangering the well-being of his sweet children Archie and Lilibet, but he did not think that making such a confession could apparently affect his paternal credibility. Because now the US immigration authorities have their eyes on Harry.

Drug use is a reason to deny an applicant a visa to the United States. If he deliberately concealed these details, his residence permit could even be revoked, and he would have to return to England. Will he then lose his children forever? Because it is questionable whether his wife, Meghan would ever accompany him back to the UK.

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