29.01.2023 Feature Article

God Is A Servant To Man

God Is A Servant To Man
29.01.2023 LISTEN

"Lord, you have funny people down in Africa, in Ghana.!

"My son, what do you mean?"
"In Ghana people suffer and cry out to you. They suffer at the hand of their current president Nana Akufo-Addo."

"And that makes them funny people, you mean?"

"My Lord, they voted him into office as he promised a better life for all not only his friends and family. At the polling station, they decided the corrupt regime of John Dramani Mahama and his brother Ibrahim Mahama among others was supposed to end."

"And I gave them what they had wanted and asked me for, didn't I, my son?"

"Lord you surely did. Now that the current President of Ghana had turned the country into a runaway nation to find greener pastures abroad to survive they call for the lesser evil, the former President and their gang to return. A certain number praise the Mahamas ignoring what they have proven in many cases did wrong to the nation Ghana."

"And they will get it in 2024, my son."
"My good Lord, but that is why I say they are funny people. Let me ask you."

"I listen."
"If Ghanaians go down on their knees to beg you to bring them leaders that have a track record of not being corrupt but honest visionary leaders that even bring a good constitution along with them...would you not grant them their wish?"

"Of course, I would grant them their heart's desire. But which Ghanaian voice praises me like that, certainly not the majority of them as I can not hear their wish to get honest leaders."

"Yes, sure. They rather praise Crucks and Criminals to rule over them and that you might inspire them with wisdom."

"Wisdom? What wisdom? A rotten plant is never a beacon of beauty, never a well-smelling rose of delight. Dirty mud only can dry out over time but is what it is, dirty mud."