26.01.2023 Feature Article

Farmers are the real kings

Farmers are the real kings
26.01.2023 LISTEN

Farmers of today not only in developing countries but also in advanced societies get little for their hard labor while trading and manufacturing companies chop all the nice profits.

Food is essential for us to live, humans and animals alike. Mankind started as the Caveman hunting wild animals around, collecting berries and mushrooms in the forest and the open space. Growing in numbers men settled down with others in small villages to start farming.

Out of the small communities leadership and subsequently Chiefs and Kings emerged, and powerful Kingdoms were formed and expanded by armies, greed for more money, power, and relevance in history set in. The basis to form armies, feed them, and maintain them came from the harvest of local farmers. Kings started to enjoy their position and saw it as a family right to pass it on to the next generation. Outsiders had to push through this tradition and take by bloody force the Throne established.

1215 as the Magna Carta was signed in the UK the balance between food production with powerless farmers feeding ruthless leadership and governmental structures created by them to the wider Elite that gave tax to the King in return for having a say in state affairs. In the back of their minds, the local Royals knew that they depended entirely on the local farmers regardless of the soldiers and governmental structures paired with tradition and the belief in meaningful ridership.

Agriculture made Industrialization possible as inventors and investors needed food to live and money to invest in new technologies. The idealization of industrialization and today's digitization with growing numbers of humans on earth saw and see the decline in power further of the agricultural sector, sees it as a servant to society only: the King has become a servant...what a tragedy.

Does it wonder anyone of us that not only nature is rebellious but our societies have shifted in the wrong direction, not living in line with our nature and with nature? The Bible is teaching us we should honor our parents (no words spoken that we need to love them) yet as societies farmers serve our highly developed economies and societies. Moon rocket launches are praised, and agricultural development is ignored or sidelined.

Sustainable future societies are the ones understanding the fundamentals of any really progressive and dynamic structure and its elements of it: Farmers are no servants to society but the real Kings.