Gbane Minerals Development Fund Desk improves teaching and learning in Talensi District

... Residents express gratitude to Earl international group Ghana Gold Limited
Regional News Gbane Minerals Development Fund Desk improves teaching and learning in Talensi District
JAN 13, 2023 LISTEN

The Minerals Development Fund through the Local Management Committee in the Talensi District of the Upper East Region has donated furniture/desks to selected schools in the Talensi District to support and improve the condition of teaching and learning in the district.

Residents in the Talensi District express appreciation to Earl International Group Ghana Gold Limited, the only large-scale mining company in Northern Ghana currently contributing to the Minerals Development Fund.

The Minerals Development Fund through the Talensi Local Management Committee (LMC) has provided 365 dual desks to eight (8) primary and Junior High Schools in the district. The beneficiary communities include Gaare, Gbane, Yameriga, Zanwore, Tola, Datuku, Wakii and Bapella. Also, 16 Hexagonal desks were provided to Tola, Datuku and Bapella kindergartens.

Early 2022, the Talensi LMC constructed several water systems across some mining communities in the district from the minerals development fund to improve the livelihoods of residents in the mining communities in Talensi.

The Minerals Development Fund (MDF) is a public fund set up by Act 912 of Parliament in 2016. The source of the fund is principally twenty percent (20%) of mineral royalties that are received by the Ghana Revenue Authority on behalf of the Republic.

The funds are mainly sourced from holders of mining leases in respect of their mining operations. The purpose of the Fund according to the Act is to provide financial resources for the direct benefit and advantage of mining communities. It is also to equip traditional and local government authority within a mining community. The MDF fund also sets aside a portion of moneys for the Institution responsible for the development of mining – Land and Natural Resources.

"For now, Earl International Group Ghana Gold Limited is the only large-scale mining company in the Talensi District that is contributing to the fund and we have so far disbursed the funds that came to the Local Management Committee at the District level in the area of water and education which are of major concern to our people,” Samuel Kuug, Chairman of the Talensi Local management committee said.

Mr. Samuel Kuug continues," As part of the challenges in the educational sector in the district, we have decided to provide furniture to some primary, Junior High schools and Kindergartens to help address the furniture deficit in the schools. This forms part of the first phase of furniture distribution and we are optimistic and confident that, all basic schools will be provided with furniture through the Minerals development fund, kind courtesy of Earl International Group Ghana Gold Ltd."

Apart from the company’s regular royalties contributions to the Minerals Development fund, he added that the Ghana Revenue Authority collects taxes and fees from the company. Through the Minerals development fund some of the royalties paid by Earl International Group Ghana Gold Ltd are returned to the host communities of the Mine and managed by the local management committee for the benefit and development of communities affected by mining operations.

The Public Relations Officer of Earl International Group Ghana Gold Limited, Ebenezer Bognaab, on royalties paid to government said, "The company is committing to support the government to provide basic social amenities and infrastructure to our host mining communities and for that matter, as a company, we do not renege on payment of royalties and taxes to the government though we have undertaken some projects in the district under our corporate social responsibility and we will continue to support our host communities in the district."

Many residents this portal spoke to said, the operation of Earl International Group Ghana Gold Limited as a large-scale mining company is a blessing to the communities because thousand of the youth in the area have been employed directly and indirectly and this has totally improved their livelihoods.

On the issue of the furniture, parents and teachers at the beneficial schools are very excited with the provision of the furniture saying this has come to improve the academic performance of pupils and students who used to learn on their stomachs and sat on bare floors in the classrooms.

"As a teacher, I always get demoralised anytime I get prepared for school to teach due to how we teachers struggle to teach by bending down to monitor and supervise our pupils and students during class lessons. With this new furniture, I can now go to school with confidence and am happy for my pupils," a teacher shared his excitement.

"As part of the school PTA, we were planning to contribute some money to provide few furniture for at least the JHS two and three students so they can prepare well ahead of the BECE, but we thank the Earl Group mining company for their contributions to the Minerals Development Fund and today our primary, Junior High school and kindergarten have received enough furniture," a parent and PTA member expressed his joy to our news team.

Atubugri Simon Atule
Atubugri Simon Atule

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