Short Man’s Economy

Feature Article Short Mans Economy
DEC 27, 2022 LISTEN

“Things Fall Apart; The Center Cannot Hold; Mere Anarchy is Loosed Upon the World.” William B Yeats.

The Short-Man’s economy is on straws; ‘The economy turn beans.’ H.E Nana Akufo-Addo has virtually become the emperor with no clothes seemingly oblivious to what exactly is happening in our country Ghana and more interested on being the biggest African Stooge on the world’s stage. “Oh, how the mighty have fallen.” H.E Nana Akufo-Addo a proud man and one time Ghana’s hope for redemption has now reduced Ghana to an economic disaster and a financial failure; and himself an ambassadorial prostitute hopping from one world stage to another making an arse of himself all in search of 2 billion American dollars. The president otherwise known as His Excellency William Nana Akufo-Addo can be found all over the globe chastising Russia for attacking Ukraine whiles present some of the most Racist nations on mother earth all in his quest to secure some peanuts of IMF Funds.

At almost 80 years old, grandpa, H.E Akufo-Addo referenced herein as ‘The Short-Man’ should be resting and enjoying the latter stages of his presidency whiles his vice president does the heavy lifting but God has a way of punishing those who did not live their lives well by making them suffer in their old age. Such is the situation with ‘The Short-Man,’ who at his age is globetrotting giving unnecessary speeches and sleeping his eyes off in public since our current president has no good intentions for our beloved country in his second term. Rather it seems the goal in the second term is for the family to secure as much bag(money) as possible using the finance minister as conduit and the many other kinsfolks littered across the government in various sectors of the economy.

After gifting Ghanaians with the Free SHS policy, a gesture we as a people shall forever be grateful, the president and his family have embarked on a gathering spree to collect and keep as much money as is humanly possible by borrowing tremendously using Ghana and Ghanaian resources as collateral and where there aren’t anymore resources to collateralize, to donate the anuses of our young men to the highest bidder, all in their quest to become one of the wealthiest families in Ghana and Africa. Whiles Dangote of Nigeria, Patrice Motsepe and other African entrepreneurs are working hard to build business empires and thus contribute immensely to their country’s economy, the president’s brother in Akan traditional parlance in the person of Dishonorable Ken Ofori-Atta aka ‘SASABROMSAM’ is also hard at work bankrupting the nation by borrowing us into submission. The reason for this wicked act of reckless borrowing being the fact that Databank, a company for which he is a shareholder and founder receives commission and significantly so, the more Ghana borrows. ‘SASABROMSAM’ being Ken Ofori-Atta has therefore become the Commissioner, Investigator and Executor of Ghana’s Economic woes much like the mercenary Aremeyaw Anas of Tiger-Eye PI with the only difference being that whereas SASABROMSAM aka Dishonorable Ofori-Atta and his economic demons trade on the country’s economic and financial hardship, Aremeyaw Anas and his band of entrappers trade on the dishonesty and vulnerability of the Ghanaian. Both men are criminals although I must admit that I, this author, would rather have Aremeyaw Anas and his entrappers any day over Ken Ofori-Atta and his economic demons. The Short-Man’s Economy has guaranteed that 2022’s Christmas shall be one of the saddest for the local Ghanaian who lives in Ghana and would not have come from the diaspora. Ghana in December 2022, is just a sad place to be if you have no one abroad to send you money, unwilling as a young lady to sell your body(hookup) or join any of the many cults springing up in the country as a young man.

In the Voice of Wiyaala singing the Osibisa song “Woyaaya; We are going, Heaven knows where we are going; We will get there.” Fellow Ghanaians, we shall get there. Let us hold on to the little hope left and our faith in our Father Almighty otherwise known as ‘MAWU’ or ‘NYUMO’ or ‘TWEDWEAMPON NYANKOPON’ who aided our ancestors to flourish until such a time as the arrival of some so-called missionaries who came and sold us some garbage akin to the economic philosophy of Ken Ofori-Atta.

In Honor of our alma-mater, Akosombo International School and in remembrance of our dear brother, Maxwell Adam aka Major Maxwell Mahama who paid the ultimate price of death whiles serving his country. Truth Is Our Light and We Rest Not. God Bless Our Homeland Ghana. Truth Stands and We Fear Not; GYE-NYAME!

by Fiifi Ofori
( [email protected] )