20.12.2022 Feature Article


20.12.2022 LISTEN

“Like Fire Shut Up in My Bone"
Many use this verse out of context to teach the necessity of sharing one's faith in Christ. However, Jeremiah did not mean that when he penned the statement or phrase under the inspiration of God. Jeremiah did not have any illusion about his calling by God (Jer. 1). He had a divine compulsion to preach unpopular message to a rebellious and disobedient people. God told him what the reaction of the people would be. Jeremiah loved his people but he hated their sin and rebellion against God. Nevertheless, he knew the consequences of their rejection of his message from God. A time came that he wanted to resign his position as a prophet of God. However, he knew that he could not give up on God and His calling upon his life. In the face of rejection, persecution, and suffering Jeremiah remained faithful to the Lord by proclaiming His word to the people. The people did not obey the Lord and Babylon invaded the land and took them to captivity in Babylon. God vindicated his servant. How many Christians today would have remained faithful like Jeremiah in the face of persecution and suffering?

Jeremiah was under divine compulsion to preach a message of God to a rebellious people who were not willing to repent walk in obedience with God. Any preacher who wants to use this passage should understand the context and the cultural and historical setting of the book in general.