08.11.2022 Rejoinder

Rejoinder: Division looms in NDC USA chapter as executives play monkey tricks with the hosting of the upcoming elections conference

How NDC USA Leadership is Trying to Block Voters from the Ballot Box
By Abdul Toufik
Rejoinder: Division looms in NDC USA chapter as executives play monkey tricks with the hosting of the upcoming elections conference
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Who is that Sam Ansah who wrote the above headed article?

In the ill-written article, Sam Ansah claimed to be a former Secretary of NDC New York branch. My checks indicate that's a lie.

Sam Ansah is a renegade, he, and his group after losing NY Branch elections deserted the branch in an attempt to form another branch which was not recognized by the NDC-USA Chapter and hence NDC Ghana.

Rather another NDC-USA renegade group named the Coalition led by Richard Ahlijah, the then Chairman of Florida branch of the NDC, incorporated them into their ranks.

It was alleged that at a fundraiser organized at New York by the Coalition and hosted by the Sam Ansah led breakaway group, Sam Ansah misappropriated some funds up to about $10,000.00, $1,000 of which has to do with a refund for the venue.

After the Coalition, led by Madam Vivian Maame Aba Dadzie (the current Chairman of NDC-USA) peacefully merged with the NDC-USA Chapter, Sam Ansah disappeared into oblivion only to re-emerge spewing yet another set of lies, beating war drums for another breakaway if things don't go his way.

Let's ask Sam Ansah what NDC USA platform he belongs to and which NDC-USA chapter meetings he has ever attended in the last 4 years?

What moral right does Sam Ansah have to comment on NDC-USA affairs when he has not been involved in anything NDC-USA?

What conference or congress outside New York city has Sam Ansah ever attended? Please Sam Ansah give the Chapter a break.

Sam Ansah, the renegade, and warmonger only thinks it is his way or the highway.

Sam Ansah does not have the interest of the Chapter at heart. He and Dr Salifu who is contesting for Chairmanship with the support of the Proforum President of North America, Arnold Appiah have already incorporated companies here in the USA and in Ghana waiting for NDC to win power so that they can start lobbying for contracts. They feel the only way for winning juicy contracts is when Dr Salifu wins the USA Chairmanship race.

Their fight to host the NDC-USA conference in New York is just to pave a way for Dr Salifu to win the chairmanship so they can unleash their diabolical plan. To them all that matters is to use NDC-USA to make money, knowing very well NDC is coming to power in 2024.

Sam Ansah is a canker in NDC-USA and needs to be gotten rid of. How can someone who has not participated in any NDC-USA activities for the past 4 years suddenly become enthused about the Chapter’s affairs? He needs not to be taken seriously.

I challenge Sam Ansah to tell us where in the whole of the United States he has ever travelled to in support of any NDC-USA activity?

Sam Ansah should be truthful to state that he was a secretary to a renegade group so people can know him for what he is and his real intentions for writing that piece.

Sam Ansah is only a member of the New York branch and the treasure of Proforum USA and has indicated that he is not interested in the NDC-USA Chapter affairs and has stayed true to his words by not participating in any NDC-USA Chapter activities.

Again, which NDC-USA WhatsApp platform does Sam Ansah belongs to?

Sam Ansah is one of those who thinks that America is just New York City and New York City is America. No one should take him seriously.

The Chapter Executives have not made a decision where the next congress will be held and so stating that the NDC-USA Executives have nullified anything is just a big lie and he should be ashamed.

When there is a levy for the branches to pay does New York pay more than Illinois, Ohio, and Texas that he mentioned?

They claim New York have registered more than 400 people but how much have they remitted to the Chapter in terms of the 60% fee?

Now that the renegade group have taken over the New York branch with support from other renegade comrades, who are all members of the Proforum USA, they are moving like rebel soldiers (which they are) beating war drums towards the ultimate target but alas! their mischievous plans will not work and will be nibbed in the bud.

No one should take Sam Ansah seriously because his track record is horrible, one that smacks of rebellion.

Ambassador Sam Pee Yalley, your boys are behind all the noise in the NDC-USA Chapter so please call them to order otherwise any confusions would be blamed on you and posterity would hold you responsible.

NDC USA elections cannot be bought and will not be bought.

Long-lived NDC-USA,

Long-lived NDC and

May God continue to Bless Mother Ghana.



Abdul Toufik

(NDCNY Branch)