31.10.2022 Feature Article

Germans have strong blood

Germans have strong blood
31.10.2022 LISTEN

This Sunday morning (30.10.2022) my Ashanti wife Alberta and I sat on a public bus. Around us, 90% were Blacks and spoke Twi on their way to church. The rest were from eastern Europe. For many stops, I was the only-born German on the bus and started thinking.

All Africans around us did not come from former German colonies like Togo, Namibia, Zanzibar, Cameron, etc. rather from former British, French, and Belgium colonies. The migration statistics from Europe substantiate my observations. Even in countries like Japan, the USA and Canada, Russia and China, India, and Arabia countries, the observation is the same.

What does this imply? Even above mentioned former German colonies often are mismanaged and poor or in the case of Namibia in many aspects well managed but the population prefers to stay in their country of origin. It indicates that the strong German blood might have jumped over to them and the weak find refuge in our strong arms away from poverty and democratic injustice done to them by the hands of the old colonial masters with the mindset of their black leaders.

But I guess that the mystery behind it goes much deeper. God will soon unveil it.