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15.11.2005 Feature Article

MPs From Northen Ghana Wake Up!

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I will be very grateful if you could allow me some space in your highly esteemed newspaper to make this desperate appeal to MP's from Northern Ghana. I think the time is reap and circumstances demands that members of parliament from Northern Ghana emulate the shinning example of their Southern counterparts and lead the crusade in the establishment of scholarship funds for the various constituencies.

Notwithstanding the fact that most of the well to do families in the county are in the Southern part of the country, members of parliament from Southern still strive to establish scholarship funds for their various constituencies. If this is happening in Southern Ghana, what then prevents the Northern Mp from doing so if majority of poor families are in their constituencies?

Northern Ghana, considered as the poverty hub of the country is in need of dedicated and selfless people who can further Kwame Nkrumah's vision of bridging the literacy gap between Southern and Northern Ghana. This can be manifested at the rate at which people drop out of schools not because they have not passed the BECE or SSSCE but because they lack the resources needed to further their education.

It is in this light that I took the opportunity to appeal to MP's from Northern Ghana to emulate the shinning example of their Southern counterparts by at least using part of their common funds to set up scholarship funds in their various constituencies. A word to the wise........

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Mohammed Sulemana
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