11.09.2022 Feature Article

Unified African Army Must Invade To Rescue One Another From Fulani Rule

Unified African Army Must Invade To Rescue One Another From Fulani Rule
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There are open borders in most African countries but only for Fulani to consolidate the number of Fulani in individual African countries while the same borders are closed to other ethnic Africans. The reason is obvious but Africans have to develop similar ways to counter and neutralize their numbers. It is a strategic plan to dominate Africans the way Fulani dominate Hausa. We are already under Fulani invasion from other African countries.

It took the combined forces of Arab to take Basra back when the Africans Zanj rebelled against the Abbāsid caliphal empire. They ruled ancient Iraq from 869 to 883 AD. The treatment meted out to Africans there is no different from to those of Fulani in African countries today. Unless Africans unite like the Arabs did then, the Fulani open borders for their people will overwhelm individual African countries.

We must not forget that Nkrumah and Nigeria sent both financial and material support to African Liberation fighters in East and South Africa. The first coming of Jerry Rawlings reset the brain of Ghanaians to default. We had been unlucky in Nigeria because Nzeogwu had failed after ethnic traitors betrayed him. It does not explain the reason the giant of Africa has regressed from corruption to a terrorist state.

Instead of begging the military or colonial masters to return, we must stand up against leaders used by outsiders as conduits the way Freedom Fighters did against colonial invaders. Everything this generation of leaders inherited from the Freedom Fighters including land of gold, diamond, milk, honey to mention a few have turned into a curse in the hands of our local vagabonds in power. They celebrate the abject poverty they created.

Yes, we are already under Fulani invasion from other African countries. The least other African countries can do is to give refuge and encouragement to one another’s Liberation Fighters the same way Ghana and Nigeria did to East and South African Liberation Fighters. Nigerians are now fleeing their beloved local home to seek refuge. Nigerians that could not wait to return home from Europe and Americas have become economic refugees in hostile land.

These generation of leaders are adept terrorists and religious fanatics fulfilling the ambitions of cave men outside Africa, rather than being true, even average statemen. Indeed, coming from Diaspora with better technological skills, know-how and as patriots is far better than the recent botched invasion of Haiti. Everything the Militritians touched in Africa, have been made worse than they met each sector.

There are Africans in the Diaspora that are so boiling mad, some of them are planning to invade, seize power and set the brains of corrupt Africans rights. Some of those planning to invade are children of Africans watching their parents helplessly abroad longing to go back home but cannot because of the rotten greed created by some. They join their parents in physical assault of African politicians wasting their country's resources abroad.

Some African countries used to go overseas to recruit needed technical personnel home for tasks that the locals cannot perform. Unfortunately, this was abused to the point where local and foreign companies continue to prefer foreign workers in this day and age for jobs that can be filled by locally trained graduates. While some of the reasons for not hiring locally may be justified, no reason can explain discriminating against local graduates in their own country.

It got worse, contracts performed by foreigners are inflated with kickbacks. Even African graduates trained abroad are avoided for fear of revealing or protesting against their kickbacks. Then, it is not surprising that projects and contracts that have been ongoing before Independence are still renewed and staffed by foreign workers called "expatriates". Some of these expatriates lack the qualifications of local graduates.

We must face the fact that the most promising country in Africa deemed to become a Regional Power has failed miserably. Nigeria went from the country that sent Peacekeeping Forces, not only to African countries but to the rest of the world. Indeed, when colonial powers abruptly left other African countries in shambles like the French did not only in Guinea but had done in the last century in Haiti, African countries relied on Nigerian professionals to fill the void.

Africans need another Nkrumah in Nigeria for Regional Power more than ever. Everyday, great Africans are born at home, but are suffocated by those with selfish interest. They cannot survive where Nkrumah, Zik, Awolowo Lutheli did. It is true that we are in a world of extremists displaying their power to capture the world but the same Africans that survived 500 years of darkness must rise again for the sake of our youths and children.

We all have our individual talent to contribute, no matter where you are since God did not send all of us out without clues or talents. We are just blinded by greed, self-interest without foresight. When we seek help with all the talent and resources God bestowed on Africa, we are demonstrating our penchant for readymades instead of developing or building on our own. Unfortunately, this has become an infectious disease caught by our children.

Nevertheless, if Nigerians cannot rescue Nigeria out of greed, selfishness in high places that corner our resources without ethnic bickering; we must allow individual local areas to develop on their own like the old Western Region. Today no allocation is safe before it reaches the people that need it most at the grassroots level.

Compare Nigeria's goodwill then, to other countries, to the reckless Fulani marauders invited with open borders from the North while the Southern borders are closed to our relatives. Unless Africans rise up against these Usman Dan Fodio minorities ravaging our countries by consolidated forces in each country, African countries that refuse to wage concerted war against them will fall to their whims one country at a time by conquest crumbling under their tactics.

Farouk Martins Aresa @oomoaresa