President Hassan Sheikh Nominated A Close Ally To The New Primeminister After Delayed Elections

Article President Hassan Sheikh Nominated A Close Ally To The New Primeminister After Delayed Elections

MOGADISHU, SOMALIA: As soon as president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was elected On May 15, 2022 after he ignominiously defeated the lameduck president Farmajo who had extended his mandate for two more years, this was unilateral and controversial resolution intentionally or inadvertently made by the federal legislature.

Soon it triggered public outrage and bloody skirmishes that coerced the president to convene the federal lawmakers for a session in the parliament which he requested to rescind or annull their unilateral decision for extending the mandate of the president.

The speaker of the 10th Parliament Mohamed Abdirahman and majority of the federal lawmakers had unanimously accepted the president's request and soon revoked their unilateral and controversial determination to extend Farmajo's tenure.

President Hassan sheikh has been re-elected after widely contested election among forty presidential candidates and it was tough race and the election lasted longer than the expected time. Hassan Sheikh has gone through numerous round election and eventually came out to be the winner and he was sworn at the scene by the chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud made history as the first person to be elected president twice in Somalia's nascent democracy after a landslide victory against the incumbent president Mohamed Farmajo, the most competitive election in the country's history eventually, 66-year old Mohamud prevail and will now pilot and steer the helm and the affairs of the Horn of Africa nation for the next four years.

In his first coming, Mohamud served from 2012-to 2017 as the head of the federal government of Somalia, the first government government formed after the end of a long period of turbulence that culminated in 1991,

unfortunately the turmoil degenerated into never-ending cycle of violence and crisis. Hassan long-standing civil society activist and veteran academic had only fully joined politics in 2011 when he founded the Union for peace and development party which is the current ruling party of the country.

Week after the world had viewed peaceful, orderly, democratic and smooth transition of power from one legitimately and democratically elected president to another, the handing over ceremony was emotional and impassionate free from enmity and mendacity and it took place at the presidential palace or villa Somalia on May, 23 and the outgoing president Mr Farmajo handed over the power to newly-elected president Hassan Sheikh.

He also submitted a multiple, classified and sensitive files of documents including the Murder case of female intelligence agent Ikran Tahlil and Somali soldiers mysteriously despatched to Eritrea for training and were verified that they have involved the Ethopian Conflict which broke out on November in 2020 between the federal government of Ethopia led by Nobel laureate Abiy Ahmed and Tigrayan people's liberation front (TPLF) which dominated Ethopian politics and leadership. for almost three decades., Somali flag, president seal and golden sword

Soon the date and the venue for the presidential inauguration ceremony has been set, the allocated venue for the 10th president's inauguration was former airforce base AKA Afisyone Hangar very close to Mogadishu International Airport, Similar venue he was elected on May 15 and the stipulated date was on June,9, 2022.

As soon as he was inaugurated, he delivered his inaugural address and rang the alarm bells of the devastating drought and looming famine. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was inaugurated as the 10th president of Somalia on Thursday in a colorful ceremony attended by thousands of people including the leaders of Kenya, Ethopia and Djibouti as well as other foreign dignitaries from the world in his inaugural speech warned that in addition to the peril posed by Alshebab severe and recurrent drought pose an immediate threat to the country.

Cheers and applause interrupted the new president's speech as he pledged to tackle pervasive corruption, abysmal poverty, rampant insecurity and the humanitarian crisis that has decimated Somalia in recent months, However he alarmed the continued lack of rain could have grave consequences for the fragile country.

Somalia is extremely susceptible to the perennial drought which is widely projected to turn into full-scale famine. Apocalyptic famines had struck Somalia in 1974, 1991, 2011, 2017 and now 2022.

the president also noted these droughts now happen almost every year and cited the root causes for this are natural and anthropogenic cataclysm including climate change, he outlined his agenda for the next four years, saying he will prioritize reconciliation and the restoration of the institutions to offer citizens positive hope

Presidency was not something new to the president. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has served president from 2012 to 2017 and freely transferred power to his successor Farmajo on 8, February, 2017 cited that during his new tenure he will verify the rule of law is maintained and fully complied, the independent judiciary should be strengthened, people's confidence in government is fully restored and poverty will be tackled as one of the 17 goals of UN Sustainable development goals adopted in 2015 and all countries are required to achieve the 17 goals by the end of 2030. Fifteen years plan.

Furthermore, the new president acknowledged the international community for sponsoring and endorsing the recently concluded electoral process, the process lasted over a year due to the political turmoil that at one point transcended the boiling point after Mohamud's predecessor attempt to extend his mandate by 24 months.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, Djiboutian president Omar Guelleh and Ethopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali also delivered a keynote speeches at the presidential inauguration ceremony. Abiy Said peaceful transition of power of Somalia is a historic milestone and a major step towards the goal of achieving one-person, one-vote election, while Kenyatta said a stable Somalia is the interest of Kenya and a role model to the Horn of Africa, adding that his country is ready to open business opportunities and ventures between two countries.

" I personally look forward to working with you, to remove all barriers to trade, to open our borders, to establish air link between our two countries, so that our people can come closer together " Kenyatta said.

The most urgent issue for the region is the drought which also has adversely impacted Ethopia and Kenya, hundreds of thousands have fled their homes in search of food and water and issued official declaration of famine may not be far away.

Somalia's new president faces familiar political and security challenges the new president has the uphill task of constituting a competent government given the plethora of competing interests. " Since our system is currently based on clans 4.5 clan representation people are expecting him to choose people from diverse clans"

president Hassan Sheikh has made diversity in terms of power sharing and took unprecedented step by nominating a prime Minister who hails from less dominant Darod clans and similar move was made by his predecessor Farmajo who handpicked as a prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire who hails from less dominant Hawiye clans as political pundits deconstructed So, one of the key challenges is putting together a very strong cabinet, which are technocrats which are not based on clan but on meritocracy.

The distribution of power in Somalia or political dispensation are on clan-based system locally known as the 4.5 system, where majority and dominant clans are allocated majority seats in parliament while the smaller clans, often marginalized and called for no one cries for them are lumped together and get the remainder. In the coming days the president is widely expected to nominate a new prime Minister who will require parliamentary approval before proceeding to form a cabinet.

Having had the strong and full backing of most opposition candidates during May 15, vote, Mohamud now has to avoid a fall out while ensuring he puts in place a competent team to deliver his election promises as we seen during electioneering most candidates promise to solve all outstanding problems and as soon as their tenure came to an end we realize that every single of their words were a complete lies and their lies must be held accountable as the campaign slogans of the new president implies which is Somalia at peace with itself and with the rest of the world.

Political analysts say the new leader could take advantage of the US troops deployed to the country as authorized by the current US president Joe Biden to bolster the war against Alshebab and strengthen the national army, for now, the country is waiting to see who Mohamud will pick as a prime Minister.

The civilian administration established soon as Somalia gained its independence, the first president Aden Adde has nominated two prime Ministers notably Abdirashid and Abdirizak after he was defeated from the election by his prime minister Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke. Adden Adde conceded defeat, congratulated and vowed to collaborate with him seriously, the second president Abdirashid Ali Sharmake appointed prime Minister to Mohamed Ibrahim Igal in 1967. President Rashid was assassinated by one of his body guards and in 1969

soon the military Junta under the tutelage of major General Mohamed Siad barre staged a bloodless military coup and assumed the power soon, he abolished the post of Prime Minister and it was reinstated in 1980 and autocratic leader Said barre has appointed three prime Ministers notably, Mohamed Ali Samatar, Mohamed Hawadle Madar and Omar Arte Ghalib soon the central government toppled and the country disintegrated into clan fiefdoms or enclaves.

When Somali government was re-established in 2000 at Arta peace conference president Abdiqasim Salad Hassan has nominated three prime Ministers remarkably Ali Khalif Galeydh, in (2000-2001)Hassan Abshir Farah in (2002-2003) and Mohamed Abdi (2003-200-5)

in 2004 when president Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed was elected he handpicked two PM and were Ali Mohamed Ghedi in (2004-2007) and Nur Hassan Hussein.Aka Nur (2007-2009)

In 2009 president Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has appointed three prime Ministers and notably were Omar Abdirashid,(2009-2010) Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo (2010-2011) and Abdiwali Mohamed Ali Gas.(2011-2012)

In September 10, 2012 President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud appointed three prime Ministers and their names were Abdi Farah Shirdon Sacid in (2012-2013) Abdiwali Sheikh Ahmed in (2013-2014) and Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke. in (2015-2017)

In 2017 president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo nominated two prime Ministers and were Hassan Ali Khaire (2017-2020) and Mohamed Hussein Roble (2020-2022)

Late on Wednesday dated June,15 as the timeline provided by the provisional federal constitution for the president to appoint a prime minister within 30 days. Hamza Abdi Barre (2022---??) a long-standing ally of president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has been appointed the 21st prime Minister of Somalia after wide-ranging consultation with the regional authorities and political stakeholders as well president Mohamud unveiled the new PM at a brief ceremony held in Villa Somalia in which journalists were denied to have an access to the presidential palace and to cover the appointment of the new prime Minister.

Local and foreign journalists staged protest outside the State House and vented their utter outrage and frustration by citing time of harassment, detention, threat and censorship is over.They also cited that they will not allow audiotape and video clips edited by the communication unit of Villa Somalia to be distributed and call for the new president to offer them full access to Villa Somalia held interviews with the politicians and participate freely without any hindrance to the press conferences.

Hassan Sheikh has broken the record and tradition of late-night announcements that have been characterized by Somali government's high-profile nominations.

Barre becomes the first prime Minister who hails from Ogaden Sub-clan to be appointed such office, he was elected MP in Jubbaland and prior to that, he served as the chairman of Jubbaland electoral commission between 2019-2020 Barre also served as a senior consultant to the federal Ministry of constitutional affairs from 2015 to 2019.

His relations with the incumbent president Mohamud dates back over a decade as both served in Mogadishu's academic institutions and managed to revitalize from the ashes of devastation. He also served as the secretary General of the defunct peace and development party between 2011-2017. President Mohamud was the chairman of PDP which superseded it's name to the Union for peace and development party (UPD) which is also headed by president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

Before joining to politics, Barre was variously involved in the academic sector where he served as the Secretary General of the formal private education Network in Somalia. (FPENS) An umbrella of private schools which crucially filled the academic gap following the collapse of the Ministry of education as the result of the internecine conflict in 1990s in Somalia.

The appointed prime Minister holds an MBA from the International Islamic University of Malaysia and BA in Management from the University of of science and Technology in Yemen. 48-years-old politician currently awaits approval from the Bicameral parliament before he takes up the post.

President Hassan Sheikh has fully complied with the deadline stipulated by the constitution and appointed prime Minister On Wednesday " I have based on my decision after fully assessing the knowledge, experience, merit, capability and verified his impeccable track record, being competent and qualified technocrat of Hamza I came to the final conclusion, he is the right person who can discharge this new responsibility and duties diligently in this critical and transition period " he said at the press briefing at the presidential palace.

He impassionately appealed the lawmakers to offer their full confidence and approve the new prime Minister swiftly and said he had asked Barre to expedite, accelerate and advance the key priorities of the new government including security, drought response, reconciliation, community development, continuing and reviving the stalled negotiation with Somaliland and climate shock response.

Four consecutive failed rainy seasons and high inflation have left Millions of Somalis grappling with food insecurity, Barre assured that he will form a competent and technocratic government capable of rescuing the country and the people.

" I pledge to you as president and to the Somali people that I will serve seriously and work day and night and will stand up in discharging my national obligations " he said Barre, 48 was elected to the federal parliament for the first time in December, previously he was the chair of the Jubbaland regional electoral commission.

Barre served as Secretary General of now dysfunctional peace and development party formed by the current president Mohamed from 2011 to 2017. He is also a former senior counselor to the Ministry of constitutional affairs and federal government. He spent many years as an academic in Mogadishu and Kismayo. He is co-founder of Kismayo University and senior lecturer at Mogadishu University.

Barre's appointment came exactly a month after Mohamud was elected president, vanquishing Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo in a highly contested parliamentary vote. Caretaking prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble will hand over the office to Barre if parliament approves his appointment.

The appointed prime Minister has received a multiple congratulatory messages from politicians, academics and religious scholars, youth activitists and civil society organizations wishing him success and waiting him to be the saviour of the nation.


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