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15.09.2004 Feature Article

Will You Practice What You Are Preaching-Nill Lante?

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I do not see the reason why people like lawyers, professors, lectures, educationist and future politicians are beating war drums because they wan to rule. If there is a war how do you rule?

As parliamentary candidate are you going to practice what you are preaching if you come to power? Is Mr. Nii Lante Vanderpuiye telling the whole world that Ghanaians are experiencing discriminations only NPP régime? Everybody is aware that discriminations are very bad in every community. That does not mean that a country should go into war. We have to find a solution. Beating WAR DRUMS does not solve the problems but it increases the problems.

As a future politician leader stated Ghana will be turned to Liberia if NDC loses the December election. My question is if NDC should be voted automatically, then what is the sense of December election.

Has the future honorable checked the investment analysis since Ghana has been free from unnecessary coups and war for at the past decades?

The whole Africa continent do not need BIG LOANS and begging money from outside world if we are free from war. The countries he made mentioned like Rwanda, Burundi, and Yugoslavia are they the riches countries in the world? The developed western world has been free from war for the past fifty years.

It is a big shame to read such an article from a future politician.

Samuel Sawyer (A banker) Norway

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Samuel Sawyer
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