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Open letter to Ghana's Vice President.

Open letter to Ghana's Vice President.
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His Excellency Mr. Vice President I am very concern about the recent remarks you made in connection to the grusome murder of Yanaa the King of Dagbon published on the Ghanaweb page of 17th September, 2004. Your Excellency, in the said publication you are quoted to have said that your government has nothing to do with the murder of the King. You also said some where last month that you were silent over the issue because it was so sensitive.

Is the issue not sensitive now?

However Your Excellency, you did not explain to Ghanaians how sensitive the grusome muder of the king was, and what made come out now. Is it for election purposes? Sure it is. Your Exellency with all due respect I think like your critics,you are playing politics with the killing of your own king for your selfish political goal. If you fail to respond to your critics two and half years ago because you think the issue was sensitive, why are you doing it now? You choose a political season when you knew very well that the party represent is unpopular among voters who think that your handling of the yaanaa killing affair was the worse in the history Ghana. Report indicate that untill recently neither you nor the president had visited Yendi to consol the victims of the grusome killing.

Mr. Vice President, again with all due respect, you are a complete failure and a disgrace to people of Dagbon. You, the former interior minister, and ex-national security advisor are all sons of dagbon. Are you not ashamed that your own king togather with over 20 others were killed grusomely under your nose? If you were honourable enough, you would have directed efforts and energy at find and bringing the killer to justice rather than playing cheap politics with the unfortunate incident. Your Excellency, no sane person will conclude that you or your government had a direct link to killing of the king and many others, but the uttrances of many people in your government during the 2000 electioneering campaign in Yendi gave credence to your government's indirect involvement in the killing. This coupled with the fact that good two and half years after the killing, the killers are still walking the streets of Ghana free of any charges.

I am not in any trying to play tribal politics with this issue, but do you honestly think that the President would have handled the issue this way if the Ashantihene was mudered in such manner? Mr. Vice President by your comments, you have proven to the whole world that you are nothing but trojan horse of the NPP. You are tasked to go to zongos and do all the dirty for the President.

This is very shameful.

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