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Ghana Airways conundrum

Ghana Airways conundrum
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A family member has been visiting since early July, she looks forward to returning to her family next month (September). unfortunately, out of patriotism, she chose to fly Ghana Airways. I called 1-800-40-GHANA (Ghana Airways' 800 number) to confirm her departure knowing the wahala currently prevailing. much to my chargrin, we were informed if she wants to be back in Ghana with Ghana Airways, then she must grab the first available flight and vamoose from the US. However, passengers will have to wait until Friday or Monday before they know when the first available flight will be leaving to Ghana from the US. (today is Wednesday).

I asked about the inconvenience this has created to us (passengers), (the attendant with AN INDIAN ACCENT) replied, "Well, we don't even know how we are going to be paid". So has Ghana Airways also contracted it's business' to Indians?

Before hanging up, this lady with an Indian accent said. "I HOPE when you call on Friday i will be able to assist you better." to which i quickly replied, "let's not hope tell me YOU WILL inform me when the passenger can leave the US". To this she sarcastically concluded. "Please go and pray about it." i almost lost it.

But she was right. This lady with an Indian accent was most probably not a christian but only poking jokes at our national airline. Instead of taking care of business management would rather resort to divine intervention. prayer sessions. Oh, Ghana Airways, what have you done to your reputation.

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