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Who Has A Political Agenda

Who Has A Political Agenda

: A Review of News File of May 29th,2004.

Thanks to Joyonline, some us outside the boarders of our country could also listern to radio programmes, Bravo joyfm. The News File of 29th May was nothing less interesting and fascinating. Each of the debators accused the other of having its own political agenda. The debated was heated that at a point in time insult started flowing around. But who have their own agenda?

Obviously, it is Kwaku Baaku and his associate, the editor of the Free Press. These two individuals went all out in thier efforts to defend the scam the NPP government has created in the CNT loan agreement. It seem to me that anyone who attempt to unearth the true has a political agenda to Mr Baaku and those who share his dangerous philophy.

In the last News File Kwaku Baaku challenged Joyfm with his self serving doments, but in the current news file, all his argument was crushed to the gabage but he will not do what others did when he was presenting his case last week, that is shut up and admit that he has been crushed. Brovo Joyfm, you have once again distingushed between proper jounalism and self seeking school drop outs with a dangerous political agenda.

Which team do you think has the higher chance of winning the 2024 elections?

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