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Mugabe, the next prey of the Imperialist

Mugabe, the next prey of the Imperialist
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Fellow countrymen, just as the imperialist relished the demise of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, so will he pop the champagne and rejoiced over the downfall of President Mugabe.. I know the more I talk the more people come to see me beating as beating on the imperialist. Nonetheless, the more I talk, the more people will come to resent me because I preach nothing but the truth.

It is imperative to keep repeating this mantra: but, there will be no way we Africans would ever develop and be able to manage our own affairs as long as our leaders embrace lies and turn away from the "Truth" which is the light of this world. Remember, countrymen, that I once asked you all to tell me who killed Dr. Kwame Nkrumah?. To date, there has neither been a response from the imperialist nor from his neophytes ”the traitors in Ghana” who collaborated with the imperialist to kill Nkrumah secretly and in the process derailed our development effort.

His soul shall never rest in peace till his enemies are brought to justice. His enemies can run but they can not hide. Many Africans shall rise to follow in the steps of Nkrumah and continue his good works. And no matter the obstacles put in their way, the next generation of Africans will continue to ask this same question the new African is asking today. In fact, they won't stop until answers are provided. My voice from the wilderness shall never seize to be heard. It shall be louder till the imperialist will hear no more.

Fellow countrymen, most of his detractors are still alive and some are buried in their transgressions. They will never rest in peace till they send someone from hell to tell the world what they did to the Great African. A house owner who through hardships builds his own house thinking that he can, as long as he lives, collects rent from his tenants to make ends meet, has to realise that the rent is being controlled by an external house owner. The external owner dictates how much he needs for his breakfast and how much he needs for other internal services rendered to him. Fellow countrymen, I hope you understand what I am talking about.

Somebody is controlling you in your own four corners. The external house owners has stated in his testament clear that so-long as African house owners live, they will make it difficult for the African to manage his own affairs. Dr. Nkrumah managed to run his own house, Martin Luther King rallied and stirred up his people, Beatrice Lumumba defended his own house and President Mugabe is another African trying to manage his own house, but the question is, is such a self-reliance policy not an abomination for the external house owners?. When shall the African be able to manage his own house?.

Today, President Mugabe has his own land and natural resources but he is not permitted by the imperialist (the house owners) including traitors in his own race to manage it the way he finds appropriate. Let us not forget who Mugabe is. He saw the light just as Nkrumah did years before, and decided to take the imperialist--represented by Ian Smith--head on. He led his people to the promised land in 1979, when Zimbabwe freed itself from its colonial shackles. Having righted the wrongs visited upon his people, Mugabe is now regarded as a pariah by the imperialists, and shockingly, by some of his own African brethren.

Fellow countrymen, you would readily agree with this assertion; most African leaders have become traitors in sheep skin, betraying their own people all because of financial pittance from the imperialist. These African politicos are more apt to help their colonial masters than remind him of the human rights abuses he has committed. These African leaders, meanwhile, have conveniently forgetting about Hiroshima human rights abuses. Nkrumah himself was accused of human rights abuses and possessing Kankan Nyame. But the truth is, in their rush to vilify and demonize Nkrumah, his critics chose to gloss over the human rights abuses in the first and second World Wars. I wish we Africans would have the courage to open our mouths in protest against super powers who have enriched themselves with the treasures they plundered from their colonies during their invasion in Africa.

Everywhere you look around the world, there are human right abuses. What about the civil war going on between the Israel and the Palestinians?. Who has the power to stop the human rights abuses and genocide being perpetrated against the Palestinians? Isn't common knowledge when it comes to matters of capital, land and power, the super-powers are quick to act? Sadly, they have allowed the Palestinian problem to fester. No one can predict the end of this dilemma. They will say who cares if they continue killing themselves?. We members of GSDM condemn without any reservations all sorts of injustice and human rights abuses, imperialism, colonialism, neo-colonialism and dictatorship that have been imposed on Africans and the rest of the world by the so-called super powers.

The days of President Mugabe therefore shall be like the days of Kwame Nkrumah because the enemy of the Blackman has the means to annihilate him just as they destroyed the Great African will fabricated "Lies." Was it not the same enemy who helped him build the Akosombo Dam?. Perhaps I may be wrong here. To be CANDID, I believe we have more leaders who are traitors in our midst than any race in the world. It makes it impossible for the African to develop and manage his own affairs, if our leaders continue to be a pet of some philanthropist of another race, before whom he goes to debase his race in the worst form, humiliate his own manhood, all with an eye towards winning the sympathy of the "great benefactor" (the imperialist).

As Marcus Garvey puts it:

"The traitors among the African race are generally to be found among the men highest placed in education and society, the fellows who call themselves leaders. It is generally "You must go out and teach your people to be meek and humble; tell them to be good servants, loyal and obedient to their masters. If you will teach them such a doctrine you can always depend on me to give you $1,000 a year or $5,000 a year for the support of yourself, the newspaper or the institution you represent. I will always recommend you to my friends as a good fellow who is all right." With this advice and prospect of patronage the average African leader goes out to lead the unfortunate masses".

Fellow country men, to lift ourselves from this mire of degradation to the heights of prosperity, human liberty and human appreciation, the new African shall never stop in reminding our disgruntled traitors that their days are numbered. We the new and rising movement, the GSDM, shall establish the truth about "Who killed Nkrumah" and other great leaders in our history. We would rather stand up for the truth and suffer the consequences than be slaves in tranquillity. We shall make this truth sooner or later available in your book shops world wide. The new African is born. May God bless you all. God save Ghana. God save Africa. Prince Aidoo Junior Ghana Socoial Democratic Movement Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.


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