African Midsize Business Economic Growth Calling Entrepreneurial Mindsets

Feature Article African Midsize Business Economic Growth Calling Entrepreneurial Mindsets
DEC 20, 2021 LISTEN

Africa is an entrepreneurial nation; observe the dynamics and spirits of the citizens. Nation-by-nation and city-by-city they thrive with little or no tools in hands but with strong determination and desire to grow. Technology today has become a river; flowing like new bloodstreams amongst the nations, teaching the populace how to catch the fish is now a priority, the fire to cook comes all by itself. If there are any lessons from the developed economies they are all about skill sets morphed into business mindedness, the confidence of entrepreneurialism raised the bars on grassroots prosperity and created bustling economies, multiplied export for the global trade and the wealth provided respectable living to reckon with. Rest is history.

There is nothing secret about such formulas, there is nothing hidden in such models. Technology that was once exclusive to only “knowledge-rich-nations” prohibitive access and costs precluded outside nations from dreaming of any access. Today, a new world with borderless trades and unlimited abundance to almost free technologies is knocking at the doors of Africa. Hello, who is listening and who will open the door.

Technology is not about just a website or a social media account, it is far deeper and integrated to optimize and do heavy lifting of trade and exports demanding a digitally minded management and skill sets. Study all this deeply on Google.

There are also no secrets on building organizations; like constructing skyscrapers, special architectural expertise is required, similarly organizations in the Western Economies started with meritocracies. Top posts executives fired routinely on the spot for any lack of competence. Although, today, the developed economies are no longer the best examples of middle class, small, and midsize business developments, still they hold all the records. Meritocracy will be the biggest test when upgrading of economies and quadrupling of organizational structures comes into play.

In Africa, nevertheless, nation by nation, if ever the untapped potential of entrepreneurialism mobilized, the hidden resources of the untapped talents of the citizenry will become the largest asset of the nation. Is it not the time to find out what is blocking?

Across the African continent, every Ministry of Trade and Commerce, along with every Chamber, every trade association and export promotion body needs a formal audit on “Digitization Endurance” rate. Filling the gaps on critically essential needs such as to highlight each small and medium business on digital platforms so they expose their goods and services to create global bounce with global trade and also easily access information and upskilling digitally. This aspect also will double and triple the productivity and uplift small and midsize businesses of each nation. Such deployments demand special skills and for that reason across Africa such aspects need urgent assistance. Study Expothon on how it is setting up footprints on such advancements.

Any African nation with 1000 to 10,000 small medium businesses on digital platforms of upskilling for exportability and reskilling for better manufacturing will uplift the national economy within 1-2 years; provide new job growth opportunities, but most importantly offer great occupational and highly motivational opportunities to youthful workforces.

The easy steps to start such deployments: There are two sides to it, firstly what are the present difficulties, desires and goals and how to start a discussion. What new ideas fit your new vertical markets, what new thoughts you must add?

Which Trade Sectors need mobilization, which frontline teams need Upskilling? What bold new narratives needed, which dots need to be connected?

The other steps are; organize a virtual meeting to explore such ideas for local economic development. Study future of the trade-groups and national mobilization of entrepreneurialism now gaining global attention. Share all these contents with other related departments and explore growth ideas and options and enlarge the over umbrella in this positive uplifting process. Here in this Video are some key points for such discussions… study more on Google.