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Five Million Jobs Coming Up in Ghana

Five Million Jobs Coming Up in Ghana
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This is my Story: About me (A member of the Conventional Peoples Party CPP. North American Branch): I created my first commercial software in 1992. It was during my Masters degree program at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. The idea came about as a thesis project for my final year. Concerntrating in Information Technology, I decided to create a programe to teach new drivers about defensive driving techniques using interactive multimedia technology.

This computerized visual learning approach to defensive driving with animation, sound and graphics attracted the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

The then Commissioner of New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, Mrs. Patricia Adducci invited me to Albany. The purpose was for her see the prototype of my program and what I intended to do with it. After gaing the support of the Department, they gave me all the driving! rules and regulations, technical drawings and specifications to enable me to write the program.

The name of the program became “Right-Of-Way”( An interactive Drivers Education Software) Right-Of-Way, is the oldest drivers education progam in America today. It is currently used in schools to teach defensive driving techniques. Since then, I have created software for MCI, IBM, TDK and so many other companies. My Strategy To create 5 millon Jobs in Ghana within 3 years: My plan builds on the tremendous progress in informatioin technology to strengthen the Ghanaian citizen, small businesses, governement, schools, businessmen and women for job readiness. I can only do this under the right government adminstration. To me thats, CPP.

I have started the crusade with an upcoming book called 5 million Jobs. The book introduces the reader to computer programing techniques, and outlines various job descriptions and postings to become available. My plan is to create an internet economy which will subsequently affect all sectors. The book is, the first in a series of ongoing training modules to be conducted in Ghana including seminars for the following industries.

Film and Television , Information Technology, Education, Food processing, Manufacturing, Medical and Construction.

My plan focuses on the Uneducated Ghanaian. I have a plan to empower them with certain tools to meet the challenges of the new economy. Once I can accomplish that, this country will be set. This is the information age and it is here to stay. Ghana has to become an Internet Economy if she is to become strong and competitive in the global economy. Technology is leaving Ghana behind due to lack of knowledge with our present and past government. Technology implementation in Ghana is very poor. I know this becuase I was an assistant registrar Cape-Coast University. And, boy, I had a rough time with the administration. As you and I know, Mr. Akoto that, The Internet will be the place for everyone to shop, communicate, conduct business, play and learn. My book makes it easy and possible for every Ghanaian to get on board. Once we become an Internet economy, all the other sectors I have mentioned earlier will grow. That’s my strategy.

By the end of 2005, I expect Ghana to be Exporting Information Technology Products to the World Marketplace if I could get the chance to execute my plan. Under my plan, information technology will become one of Ghana’s main exports by 2006. I have a better strategy than what India has put in place. Besides having several projects waiting for production and export to the marketplace, Foreign corporate bodies will be very attracted to the Ghanaian worker. My book will prepare them to meet that challenge. There is no doubt, Mr. Akoto, that my plan- and with investments in giving Ghanaian workers the skills they need - we can out-compete workers anywhere in the world and attract American, European and Asian businesses to Ghana as India has done. Views expressed by the author(s) do not necessarily reflect those of GhanaHomePage.

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