Media General's claim of "egregious intolerance" unfounded

Feature Article Captain Smart
DEC 3, 2021 LISTEN
Captain Smart

The fooling started with a mixture of tribalism way back and that's why my article entitled "The Ashanti-Akan tribal bigotry on Captain Smart's show on Onua TV won't fix the country" was authored hoping that some level of decorum and introspection would have been brought to his show when the call to fix this country had reached a crescendo.

Nonetheless, the programme continued with flagrant disregard for media ethics and exercised freedom of speech as if it were unrestrained by law.

The instances of politicians operating under the cover of media stations to push the agenda of the two major parties is an avenue for them to disseminate information and enlighten the general public on issues of national importance but when they abuse this right, the repercussions are dire for national cohesion, a precondition for peace and development.

Therefore, Media General's dereliction of duty to whip members of their journalists, including Captain Smart, to go about his business in a manner that is congruous with the constitution and the media ethics, should be the last to talk about "egregious intolerance" when the law has caught up with a journalist whose continuous egregious disregard for decorum is being dealt with in accordance with the law.

The point has to be made and made forcefully that there is no sacrosanctity in the enjoyment of human rights, enjoyment of rights come with responsibility.

One CANNOT, under the prevarication of freedom of speech and expression, air an opinion that seek to undermine the peace and security of this country.

Did Media General see nothing wrong with the highly reprehensible tribal statements made by one Mensah Afrifa, ably support with side comments and nodding of head by one Avraham Ben Moshe with Captain Smart the host on Onua TV?

Media General must be responsible for once. Amen.

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