Ghana's moburowa-plebs have had enough

Feature Article Ghana's moburowa-plebs have had enough
NOV 19, 2021 LISTEN

The trouble with our ruling-élites is that in the main, they seldom do creative thinking that can transform Mother Ghana, into a truly inclusive and prosperous African society. Take the matter of funding the expansion and modernisation of our infrastructure, for example.

The question we ought to ponder over as an aspirational-people is: If there are dynamic and reputable road construction companies, such as TeraFusion International, which will be happy to build a network of tolled world-class roads (using their famed EcoRoad cutting-edge technology), own and maintain them for a 35-year tax-free period, and then hand them over to the state, why are our leaders borrowing zillions (to add to our huge debt-mountain), to pay party cronies to build shoddy roads, with dodgy foreign partners, which deteriorate in less than four years?

We must put an end to this nonsense-on-bamboo-stilts abodam-enitiy3 nation-building strategy, impoverishing millions and making life impossible for countless families, while a powerful and well-connected few send their personal net worth to stratospheric-heights at the expense of us moburowa-Plebs, ooooo. Enough is enough. Haaba. Yooooooo.

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