Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia must eschew petty politics, must redirect his energy to fixing the messy economy

Feature Article Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia  must eschew petty politics, must redirect his energy to fixing the messy economy
NOV 15, 2021 LISTEN

We all know that JM is NOT a Muslim, but he has maintained very cordial relations with the Muslim community in Ghana as well as the Chief Imam over the years. Therefore, no well-meaning Muslim can be happy with the deliberate attacks and attempts to embarrass JM mostly at events under the auspices of the Chief Imam. As a Muslim, I feel disappointed in the handlers of the National Chief Imam who continue to look on and allow Bawumia to show disrespect to H. E John Mahama. What wrong has JM committed that Bawumia wants to take every opportunity to attack or disrespect JM even at events organised under the auspices of the National Chief Imam? I know JM has so much respect for the National Chief Imam and the Imam sees JM as his own son. I remember during the funeral of the late Alhaji Bature Hazrat at Nima, when it was announced that JM had arrived, I could see so much joy in the face of the National Chief Imam who gave JM a very warm welcome. This is how H.E JM continues to maintain very strong ties with the Muslim community in Ghana.

At least under Mahama as President, I can say that amongst the 200 Ghanaians who were sent to Cuba have since returned as trained medical doctors. I know many Muslims brothers and sisters who were among this batch. This was not just incidental but a deliberate decision to by the Mahama’s government to ensure that the number of Muslim doctors in the country are boosted.

Since 2015 Muslim Pilgrims from northern Ghana and neighbouring regions have been flying from Tamale to Jeddah for Hajj activities without having to go to Accra to sleep at El-Wak stadium. This is through the work of President Mahama in fulfillment of a promise made in 2008 by late President Mills. JM has extended many assistances to many Muslim communities across the country at different times.

What Bawumia should be telling us is the achievements of setting up the So-called Zango Development Fund. How much has been raised so far and what tangible project can they boast of? Why was the Zango Ministry scrapped? What are the achievements so far?

Again, it’s interesting that Bawumia only realizes his Muslim credentials during Maulid periods. Where were Bawumia during the past Ramadan, when Muslim students were prevented from fasting at Wesley Girls SHS. Dr Bawumia with Muslim credentials never spoke publicly on the matter despite several calls on him to speak to the matter. Does he only realize his Muslim credentials during Islamic functions?

In any case he Dr Bawumia has been moving from one church to another all because of his presidential ambitions. Has JM ever called on him to renounce his religion?

If Bawumia truly wants to invite non-Muslims to Islam because they can quote portions of the Holy Quran and the Hadiths, then he should look no further than his immediate boss Akufo Addo who equally on many occasions quoted portions of the Holy Quran and the Hadiths at different fora.

Dr Bawumia must show maturity and stop acting like a child for purposes of political expediency.

Baba Musah

A Practicing Muslim

[email protected]

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