07.11.2021 Feature Article

The misused black man

The misused black man
07.11.2021 LISTEN

Currently, the white man pressures African countries to welcome his moral values once again, this time his LGBTQ+ attitude and lifestyle. The pressure is voiced and supported by threats to retract financial support. African countries as a whole reject such ideas believing it is against African tradition, the words of the Bible and a sickness imported by the former colonial masters into their countries. While they see polygamy as a human right - refused so by the white man to accept in his society - the Africans realize that their politicians get pressured and bribed with big money to push through laws that foundations most citizens in their hearts and voices reject.

The debate has reached a pinnacle that makes critical observers astonished and worried. The reason for overpopulation in Africa is based on tradition and more so on the need for social security of personal life as children are still the only reliable and functioning system to survive in times of hardships and old age.

Overpopulation in Africa, besides other tragic reasons, causes more and more political and economic migrants to hit the shores of his territory. The trend was seen visibly strongly in 2014-2015 and will get worse in the coming years. Yet the white man is not demanding or forcing by various means African leaders to set up social systems that effectively and really can benefit their societies with the long-term effects of reduced birth rates.

Even 'Good people' AID organisations have no intentions to call on African leaders to implement a good operating system in exchange for immediate help which over time would make their help no longer needed to the point they could shut down their organisations.

White politicians that have a sense of tragic moments to come, not all have but few do, do see the need to change our attitude with voices not to be considered. Democratically elected politicians want to stay in power now not in the future when another generation takes over. Their voices reach out to their voters now to please them, while the future is the be solved by others.

It is therefore not a surprise that they pressure Africa to accept the lifestyle of LGBTQ+ instead of being put under pressure to set up working social systems. The white man wants to benefit from the poor, badly educated, slavery mentality of the black man politically, economically and financially depending on him accepting the certain disaster which in year's to come will hit his society badly beyond in most of today's minds seen as possible.

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