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Murder Of The Great King

Murder Of The Great King
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It would be an honor done me, other guardians of peace and tranquility and the entire people of Dagbon, if you could allow me space in this your esteem site to express my disgust and protest about the cruel murder of our Great King (Yaa-Naa Yakubu Andani II). The savage murder of our great king has come as an embarrassment not only to Dagbon and the northern region, but also to the Nation and humanity at large. It is unfortunate that at this stage of human civilization and advancement a small group of people can still go this far to inflict their own inadequacies on society. It is an abominable act, so far as our culture and tradition is concern and for that matter all should unite in condemnation regardless, which side you stand in the dispute, with the realization that an attempt is made to set a very bad precedent in our history, which should not be allowed to stand. It should be realized that those people are enemies of Dagbon and northern region, the Nation and humanity as a whole for their evil act would bring along suffering onto the lives of our people who were already struggling to address poverty, underdevelopment, insecurity, disease etc. I am convinced that as members of the civilized world, we hold it a duty to direct our energies towards the development and prosperity of Dagbon, northern region and Ghana as a whole. Everything possible must be done to bring the perpetrators and their masters to justice. The crime must be punished to the degree, and with so much severity as will suffice to make it an ill bargain to the offenders, give them course to repent, and terrify others from doing the like. Of course, in a state of insecurity, a minority will kill as they do now, but there should be enough people with a moral sense to stop the rot spreading and prevent immoral minority from bringing us to a general war. I believe we all know what those killers and their masters intend to achieve. It should be possible for us as people of the 21st century to refuse them by turning this terrible state of affairs into a good one. We should be courageous enough as people, with the determination to defeat the criminals by allowing the son of our great king to continue the father’s reign in order to prevent acts of revenge from the injured side and to discourage this sort of inhuman conduct. Ahmed A. Imoro European University of Lefke North-Cyprus.

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