13.08.2021 Feature Article

Fear And Apprehensiveness Have Gripped the Students of Akyim Asuom SHS And the Entire Township, Indefinitely

From voice of reason;
Fear And Apprehensiveness Have Gripped the Students of  Akyim Asuom SHS And the Entire Township, Indefinitely
13.08.2021 LISTEN

Since last week when the news of the senseless robbery that turned into homicide, hit the airwave, and engulfed the entire town, it has made the inhabitants of this farming community in the kwaebibirm district very, very uneasy--to say the least.

As if that was not enough, early this morning today (August 12th, 2021), Asuom SHS girls' dormitory was attacked by a gun- brandishing man who tried to enter the girls' dorm.

The fact of the matter is that if one of us is not safe, none of us is safe.

Nevertheless, it's not so much about the robbery; that has put a sour taste in the people's mouths, but the fact is supposedly, there is a missing link in the chain of events or the episodes that is making the inhabitants very suspicious and jittery.

Secondly, the citizenry has been hoping against hope that 'someone'(yes, someone with 'balls'---and I don't mean a soccer ball) would come out to address the citizenry, the students and Asuom SHS administration; to calm some nerves down, but it never happened, so they're still waiting in vain.

The question is: why are our so-called 'leaders' so quiet about these unfolding negative developments, as if they have exploded a megawatt fart in the midst of people whom they respect so much? How long can they hide their collective heads in the sand; pretending they see or hear no evil? No one wants to touch the insecurity issue with Michael Jackson's gloves.

We're anxiously and nervously hungry for the vacuum leadership role to be filled ASAP so as for peace of mind to prevail.

People are yakking with low tone about the latest development which is unfolding in the town as well as the SHS because they need answers very urgently. And, it is all about what is not being said or explained to their comprehension and satisfaction.

Unfortunately, in our dog -eats -dog and poverty-stricken society and environment, where money is the equalizer and the determining factor, the one with the most marbles win the game of success, life is now the cheapest commodity in town.

How did we arrive at this juncture? Oh,lordy!! Things are falling apart indeed.!

Is anyone home to hear my lonely voice?

Stay tuned. Be blessed, informed and educated about issues of the day.

From ;kwaku Adu-Gyamfi (voice of reason)

* The author is a social commentator and a die-hard concerned citizen (not a spectator) of this great nation.