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The Macabre Dance

The Macabre Dance
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Growing up, I have learnt that to aspire to leadership is a noble ambition. It is a means by which noble and distinguished persons help their communities to rise from the doldrums. History is abundant with evidence of how great men have provided clear direction and led their communities, societies and even countries to development and recognition.

Whether one talks about Martin Luther of America, Julius Nyerere of Africa, Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore, there was a clear sense of direction based on a vision and ideology that many were ready to die for. Leadership was based on competence, courage and determination. Leaders were ready to die for their communities, societies and their country. It was always a dream by young men to be like this and that leader. Leaders were demigods to children. They hold the aspirations and the dreams of our societies then.

The method of rising to leadership differ from one culture and religion to another. But there was a clear sense in those days of who we want to be a leader. A person of high repute. Character and attitude was a measure by which ones' leadership was endorsed or rejected.

But today, when I look at our communities, societies and even countries, I see popularity contest. A contest in which we cannonize thieves and demonise saints. I see us in breach of the natural verdict of justice where those who are good and just are vilified and those who are morally corrupt rise to fame. Most of our leaders today even those who are in parliament and insist they must be called honourables, insult publicly, make threats and statements which hitherto would be made by only children. Money is the power now and no one cares abou its source. Those who have it, control the world. Ironically, we do not stand for a moment to question the source of the wealth of our "big men".

This is a tragedy. How shall we account to both man and divinity on the day of judgement? .

Our creed is greed. When we are asked to vote, we are given a blank check. We elect individuals based on their ethnic extraction and the depth of their pocket. How can we buy a "took took" from India and expect it to move like a mecedes benz?

But when I look at the world, the story of Africa is more pronounced in man's inhumanity to man. In South Sudan there is war, in Nigeria we have boko haram and in Ghana we have NPP and NDC whose only claim to fame is the wastage they occasion. No wonder Tony Blair referred to Africa as a scar on the conscience of humanity.

But what must we do going forward? We those who vote must vote with our country in mind. Our leaders must not dance all the time to the dictates of the majority. We must eschew chronism, and ethnic favouritism in appointments and elections.

We must in short listen to our conscience.

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