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The Next Frontier - Part 1

Theater Play in three acts
The Next Frontier - Part 1
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God (himself) The Devil (himself) European White Man European White Man`s son European White Man`s wife African Black Man African Black Man`s son African Black Man`s wife Charly, the Robot African Voice

Act 1

European White Man`s son: "Daddy...oh Daddy, look down. Can you see?"

European White Man: "I prefer to look up...ahead to where we are going."

European White Man`s son: "Yes, it is good to look up. But cannot you see what we leave behind?"

European White Man: "Down there is the earth that we are about to vacate for good, my son."

European White Man`s son: "Yes Daddy, the earth. The place we inhabited for thousands of years. The place we had taken dominion of and over everything that was around us and in our way."

European White Man: "Do I hear regrets or some romantic feelings?"

European White Man`s son: "Oh no, I was only thinking of the past that we leave behind."

European White Man: "For a better tomorrow, my son."

European White Man`s wife: "Here sitting in this rocket to fly to Mars with a stopover on Moon...I mean, it is a bit romantic, isn`t it?"

European Withe Man: "Future is what it is...hardly romantic, my Darling. For centuries we have prepared all our minds for this day in our history. I only feel sad for the rest of us, the Whites outside Europe that so far are not able to make it into a better tomorrow. Surely they will eventually follow in our footsteps and we might even have a chance to visit them on any of the other planets around Mars. Who knows!"

European White Man´s son: "Or in one of the new gigantic galactic orbital stations, Daddy. That would be cool...really cool!"

God: "I have created the earth for you to take dominion over it and anything thereof."

European White Man: "God, so true. But let me remind you kindly that you created heaven as well. and now it is our turn to see what you have provided for us further beyond the borders that are so well known to us."

God: "You want to be clever and smart?"

European White Man: "You have given us wisdom and that is what we put to good praise your greatness to the highest."

God: "By leaving the earth the ones that cannot afford the trip?"

European White Man´s wife: "But please God, is it our fault that the Africans till date did not organize themselves well and get their minds together to join us and our next giant step in human history?"

God: "You mean what you people have used and do not need any longer is for them like used shoes and used fridges?"

European White Man: "It seems a bit odd in the light of history, I admit. But God, look it is like this. For generations now it is the responsibility of every African to vote for the correct leaders...leaders that could have set their people far ahead of us seeing all the natural resources, the much-needed tools for development. Honestly speaking, oh Lord, are we to be blamed for not having raced our competitors on earth?"

God: "Olympic games...I hear them speaking in your voice."

European White Man`s wife: "Harmony is a nice idea and needed from time to time to take a deep breath and retune someone´s thinking and actions. But honestly speaking harmony can kill innovation, moving giant steps into a glorious future. Conflicts, problems and disappointments are often the driving force behind innovation."

God: "That makes sense to me. So let me ask you, are you disappointed about what you had gone through the past generations?"

European White Man`s son: "Oh God, look over there. One of your beautiful stars, so close, in reach to touch!"

God: "Dreaming is a great thing, the right feeling for success in little son."

European White Man´s son: "Oh no God, this is not a dream. Look out there it is real!"

God: "If you love and respect your future anything you dream of is real, my son."

European White Man: "I hope... it's not a is hope...that the Africans down there can create for themselves a much better future as less of us are round, and no one anymore in Europe anyway. What we left behind, I hope and honestly trust, they will put to good use and dominate the world as they please...a better world than we eventually are leaving now behind."

God: "I know the future far ahead of you, my son...and I could tell you... ."

European White Man`s wife: "Yes please, my Lord...tell us...and please now!"

God: "If I would tell you about the future...what fun would it be for me to see your reaction on my words rather on the reality which I will show you?"

African Black Man: "Now that the last white people are leaving our planet we finally get back our birthplace, the cradle of the humanity of mankind. Oh Lord, what a good feeling, what a reassuring new step forward."

African Black Man`s wife: "My husband, you are speaking the truth, so much wisdom filling each of your words."

African Black Man`s son: "Oh daddy, that is great. Look the rocket is disappearing. I guess God is with them sitting beside the last people on earth not being black."

African Black Man`s wife: "My son...God is travelling with them, for sure, but he is everywhere. He is right there standing beside us. Just look."

African Black Man`s son: "Oh, God it is so nice to see you!"

God: "It is nice to see you too, my little fellow."

African Black Man: "God we give thanks to you."

God, "What for, my son?"

African Black Man: "For the white man to head to his new world on Mars and Moon. This gives us black earth as our ancestors knew it centuries back and man was born, started to crawl, saw the paradise around him, the Garden of Eden. When we here realized who we were and took the first mindful steps to communicate with each other realizing we are not all the same even from the same source, so different in our bodies and minds, yet we were able to communicate and make us dominate what we saw. Humanity was in its infant stage, slowly progressing finding ways into systems and agreed on standards of how we should best live our lives. And when we satisfied our basic needs, had enough to eat, shelter and extra harvest for dry days some of us wanted more and needed to walk away as space to live freely got scrapes. The black man turned into the white man and the white man took dominion over us."

God: "As you were the first, you had the first chance to dominate the world for good. But you were too content with what you had. You stayed where you are satisfied with witchcraft to fight among each other and make me look angry down on you."

African Black Man: "Yes, and as we separated ourselves more and more from you you decided to give the blessings of knowledge and understanding of life`s issues into the hands of the white people."

God: "I hear the sound of anger in your voice, my son!"

African Black Man: "I am angry, yes...but only a is more the feeling of deep disappointment."

God: "You should not be disappointed with me. I gave you life first and added all the natural resources which you can see here in the African soil...just look around! And in addition, I have you a wonderful nature so fruitful, so beautiful to make very good use of it. So, you expected to from me that I should give you all that I have to give to my people?"

African Black Man: "That you blessed the white people with religion a system they used for innovation and exploration...and exploitation...that is not fair...God."

God: "I think this was fair as they also needed a form of my blessings."

European White Man`s son: "Daddy...Daddy, can you see the Space Station there, the ISS that I read so much about in my history books? Look they have left it here in space as a museum for people to remember. Oh Daddy, how nice to remember!"

God: "You see my son, what is around you in Africa is history which the white man tried to preserve but you destroyed in so many ways in the past."

African Black Man: "If you would have given us the blessings of understanding and the momentum of exploration of the world to take dominion before the white competitor could have done it...we could have reached further than what you have seen in and with us."

God: "My son...blessing is the start of a process, not the finishing line. I knew you before you were created. If I would have given you all that I gave to the white man you would not have listened to me and made good use of my blessings. You would have wasted them and wasted my time and effort."

African Black man: "But this is not true."

God: "I see you smiling...why?"

African Black Man: "Now what was proclaimed during a fatal night that as once we are free we can manage our affairs...."

God: "I have heart this proclamation decades ago and...see the result all around you."

African Black Man: "God you must be fair to us, I beg. The white man was still around to mess us up."

God: "and now things will change...for the better?"

African Black Man: "For sure, things will get better by the days. The white man has left the earth which was made as our territory after all to have dominion over it. Undisturbed we can build your earth as you wanted us to build it in the first place...a paradise for all."

God: "Are you sure...a paradise for ALL?"

African Black Man: "I am confident and sure...for ALL...and not only for the once that make themselves proud to stand above others. Oh no, my Lord, these times are over, gone for good. We are capable to manage the earth for you."

God: "So, you are telling me you have transformed your mind to shine in glory?"

African Black Man: "You should have more trust in us, God. After all, you created us first before out of our rips the white man emerged. We trust you in our daily prayers that your creation is meaningful and has us something to tell. As you never intended in the first place to create the white man but he emerged out from us this means that we have given him our genes and for that matter what he knows we know even better. Only that we have to go back to our roots and unveil the truth about our birth. Now as the white man is living on Mars and Moon we have all the time and freedom to tap into that and rule the world to please you and praise your name."

God: "Before I trust you my son I must see the evidence."

African Black man`s wife: "God, do not worry and be concerned...surely you can trust us as now we are truly and honestly free at least."

God: "Evidence...evidence."

European White Man`s son: "Daddy...oh daddy, look down there."

European White Man: "Yes, my son I can see...our black neighbours are in serious discussion with God...very serious."

European White Man`s wife: "It looks to me they try to convince God that they can make it on earth now that we are gone using what we have left behind for them."

European White Man: "Honestly speaking I never had any bad mind against our former neighbours. But they must understand we were not able to sit around and keep our feet under the table in our limited homes. We had to go out to do something and see what the earth has in stock for humans. That naturally comes in line with taking dominion over the earth. Only when opposition sets in this drive for constant crossing boundaries and borders can be limited or diverted. After all, this is the drive behind our move to Moon and Mars...isn`t it?"

Black Family and White Family are waving at each other as they depart. God is watching over them with wide-open eyes.

The Devil: "Come over here a bit far from God."

African Black man`s wife: "What is it?"

The Devil: "Look here in my hands I have your rip out of which God had made the white man something you guy have been missing all those horrible years in the past under the scrutiny of the white people."

African Black Man: "Devil, they fit as and look so nice. Truly and we are whole and complete."

The Devil: "But I told you so when we first discussed this issue. I promised the moment I saw God was about to take one of your rips away when you follow me always and worship me I will always stay by your side and guide you from year to year, from generation to generation. You remember what I told you back then?"

African Black Man: "Oh, and much well we all remember. You said when we are content with what we have in our corner here in Africa, when our mind is not set on adventure, on exploration and will keep us and make us survive from year to year, from generation to generation. You truly did promise it and never let us down."

The Devil: "You can trust me. I mean Jesus Christ in the desert when I tempted him and promised him my kingdom to be his kingdom...imagine, he refused. But when I talked to you guys your mind was all for me. I am so proud of you. And therefore you deserve to get your lost rip back and inherited your property, this earth in all its corners."

African Black Man`s wife: "Restauration!"

The devil: "Do not use this word, it might confuse God and his people. We better call it destiny that has finally come to pass."

African Black Man`s son: "That sounds Sauber and good."

The Devil: "Oh, you little young one. Here is the next generation growing to hear my words and follow my commands. That is very reassuring. The circle of life is never-ending, I can see."

African Black Man`s wife: "Some of us try to escape from you to the other bright shining side of life."

The Devil: "I daughter...but I also know they have failed in so many ways and stand idle in the middle of my comrades, the demands. They look up to God and his white people that have now abandoned the earth to live in a hostile environment, very artificial indeed and originally not made for men."

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