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27.04.2021 Feature Article

Ghanaians: hit back on Cocobod for good!

Ghanaians: hit back on Cocobod for good!
LISTEN APR 27, 2021

How long more do Ghanaians allow Cocobod to lie to them? They should rather be honest and mention ALL countries that are in the pipeline to set up a cocoa industry known so well to experts in this industry!

A nation that starts from scratch has all the advantages on its side to set up a most profitable cocoa business (larger farms, use of machinery, fewer middlemen, effective transportation, quality fermentation and drying process = reduced costs and increased profits) while a well-established country like Ghana finds it hard to adapt to the latest technology and bring healthy and fresh cocoa trees and farm methods to work well for them.

And even China is a country able to find solutions to be great over time while in Ghana Cocobod still laments over the golden days past and the unfairness of international competition. The consumption of chocolate products will increase massively as the world population is on the increase and higher living standards come with a greater demand for chocolate products.

Buyers will soon have the great advantage to choose the best cocoa beans from among more sellers ignoring the tears Ghana cries over galamsey and the destruction of their outdated plantations. Dumsor Dumsor all across and over the nation of sad!

(China is also producing Gari!)

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