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04.04.2021 Feature Article

DARKEST HUMANITY DIARIES… Easter Message to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Her Majesty the Queen! - Part One

DARKEST HUMANITY DIARIES… Easter Message to Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Her Majesty the Queen! - Part One
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As we're in the solemn season of Easter, I'll like to share a profound encounter I had with the Holy Spirit in Pentonville Prison in North London in the summer of 2013. It was during this time that I became aware of the fact that God allowed me to go through all that I went through in the UK for a special reason; and that is the book - DARKEST HUMANITY.

DARKEST HUMANITY is therefore a MISSIONARY Book, DIVINELY INSPIRED, and a call to service. God always use someone from amongst those in captivity or distressed circumstances to advance their cause and be their mouthpiece. As happened with Moses and the Israelites.

Currently, there are hundreds or thousands of Commonwealth Citizens (Ghanaians, Nigerians, Jamaicans, Kenyans, Pakistanis, Indians etc.) in distressed circumstances in the UK with regards to immigration. The exact situation that I was, and became useful to the British Government, and being used by British intelligence, and then dumped and twice imprisoned!

I met many of these immigrants in HMP Pentonville and HMP Thameside. These are persons who had been very useful and needed by the UK industries prior to EU expansion in May 2004, and the subsequent influx of migrants from Eastern Europe to the UK job market.

Some of the sad stories I encountered in both prisons included Jamiacans who were products of Windrush Generation. They were shipped to the UK with their parents when they were children, and without documentation. Unfortunately, some of these immigrants, having lived and worked in the UK for 30 years and above, became caught up in David Cameron and Theresa May's acrimonious immigration rules against Commonwealth Citizens.

If time changes and you're no longer in need of the services of someone or persons who had been extremely needed and useful to you in the past, there ought to be a decent way of saying goodbye or parting with these people. And this is what the British Government had failed to do for the hundreds or thousands of Commonwealth Citizens in the UK.

The year 2010 presented itself as an opportune time for the British Government to offer a pathway to citizenship to its old servants in distressed circumstances with British immigration. Many well-meaning British politicians such as Rt. Hon Nick Clegg, then leader of the Liberal Democrats Party was in favour of regularisation or granting AMNESTY to all those Commonwealth Citizens who were there for the UK job market when they were needed the most.

Rt. Hon Nick Clegg, who later became Deputy Prime Minister in the Coalition Government, and many other British politicians, spoke in favour of regularisation or AMNESTY to illegal immigrants in the UK, majority of who are Commonwealth Citizens whose countries Britain had ravaged in the past! Sadly however, then Prime Minister David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May vehemently refused.

With the UK having Brexited, and Covid-19 causing havoc around the world, and bringing humanity closer and together more than ever before; Queen Elizabeth II - Her Majesty the Queen - Head of the British Commonwealth, would find it necessary to permit her Government of Boris Johnson to do the needful, just as President Joe Biden has started doing in the US - pathway to citizenship!

On Easter Sunday the 31st of March 2013, I published an Easter message to then Prime Minister David Cameron and Her Majesty the Queen on my blog "My Encounter with the white Man." At the time, I was being pursued by the British security agencies in London - the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS), The Mi5, The Undercover Police/British Intelligence (those who used me).

In the early hours of that fateful Easter Sunday, I woke up very early to publish my Easter message on my blog. Unknown to me however, at the same time as I was doing the publishing, a team of officers from the Metropolitan Police Service were conducting searches for me in homes in Rainham and sharing leaflets of "A wanted person" with my photograph.

Strangely enough, I visited a friend and his family in Rainham (Dagenham) in the evening of the day before (Saturday 30th March 2013) as I was on my way to a meeting in Tottenham, North London. When officers knocked on the door of the house I visited, and showed them pictures of me as a wanted person, my friend and his family were shaken to the bone. The family were of the view that the officers had intelligence that I was in their house the previous day.

Eight (8) years on, I'm sharing my next Easter Message to now Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Her Majesty The Queen - Head of the British Commonwealth.

Isn't it about time that Commonwealth Nations unite and demand fair treatments of their citizens by Her Majesty and Her Government; or repeal the British Commonwealth if it has outlived its usefulness?

Of what good is the Commonwealth to citizens of member countries if government of their countries use state money to travel to Britain to commemorate the Queen's Commonwealth, whilst the Queen's government subjects citizens of the Commonwealth to an appalling and inhumane treatment in the UK?

Now is the time to repeal the Commonwealth, or repeal David Cameron and Theresa May's acrimonious immigration rules against Commonwealth Citizens in the UK. Lack of unity amongst member states of the Commonwealth, especially those from Africa, is a problem, and one reason why Her Majesty's Government can pick and choose when they need us, and then treat us horribly when our usefulness runs out.

Jamaica and other Caribbean nations have been trying their best to hold Britain accountable for how Britain treats Jamaicans and other Caribbean nationals who are citizens of the Commonwealth. A typical example is the fallout from the Windrush Generation scandal.

Is it any surprising that the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke a word or two of a Ghana language in one his public speeches? That only happens in post-Brexit!

Sadly however, the heads of states and government of Africa's member states of the Commonwealth have not shown the will to hold the British Government accountable for acts of inhumanity perpetrated against their nationals by the British. Not in any uncertain terms must Ghana allow the British Government to deport Kweku Adoboli, after serving time for his offense. Kweku Adoboli never put a gun to the head or killed any British.

It is so absurd that there have been court rulings in the UK that say that even those who committed grievous crimes as killing native British citizens soon after their arrival in the UK from their home countries still have a right to remain in the UK after serving their prison sentence. Whilst an individual who had lived in the UK for over twenty (20) years from childhood, and speaks British accent, having done a mistake in his line of work, is forcefully removed from the UK after serving his sentence?

In the words of Nick Ferrari of LBC radio:

“It is incredible, isn’t it, when you think about it? We have Romanian murderers come here, and Bulgarian rapists, and we cannot send them home. And they’ve been in this country in some instances for the best part of half an hour; and they decided to rape teenagers or murder young women, and we cannot deport them. We have people engaged in terrorism, fermenting terrorism, preaching terrorism, dancing the jig of joy when the twin towers come down, doing everything they can to spread all sorts of unrest within the country, and we cannot deport them. We have people convicted of the most gruesome of crimes including paedophilia, but we cannot deport them.”

“And we have these souls, who in some instances have given half a century working in some pretty thankless tasks, not all of them but some of them; driving the buses, working on the train, delivering hospital food for half a century and we can’t get them out the country quick enough! How the hell does that work? Eastern European gangsters stay, hardworking people from the Commonwealth get out! Excuse me, can I go on benefit, can I have a passport, ‘no get out!’ Honestly, who is in charge of this terrific….”

Insanity Gone Mad, isn’t it?

God has purposed for DARKEST HUMANITY Book to cause Her Majesty and Her Government to rewrite the wrongs of the past. Kweku Adoboli must return to Britain! Just as the wrongs of the Windrush Generation scandal was looked into and amended, so must all those who were deported by David Cameron and Theresa May’s acrimonious immigration rules against commonwealth nationals be allowed to return to the UK! Britain must endeavour to heal the wounds of Commonwealth nationals for their savagery during colonialism, rather than causing more pain and hurt. This is the DIVINELY INSPIRED MISSION of DARKEST HUMANITY!

Please continue in Part Two, which is the Encounter with the Holy Spirit.

By Maxwell Maundy