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Mahama Is a Common Criminal, Says Martin Amidu

Mahama Is a Common Criminal, Says Martin Amidu
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He appears to be deeply ensconced in good company among the reprobate vanguard ranks of the morally irredeemable hoodlum pack that is the leadership of Ghana’s main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), where his bloody misdeeds are routinely covered up for him in his tracks, including the still-unsolved brutal early-morning assassination of the then President John Evans Atta-Mills. So, he thinks the country is his proverbial oyster to be sliced up, diced up and munched at will. But, of course, the rest of us all know that it will not be too long before Little Dramani reaps his comeuppance. The one person who flatly refused to be compromised or be taken for a ride, at least as far as the Woyome Mega-Heist, involving the ginormous sum of GHȻ 51.2 Million, is concerned, was luridly and unconscionably chucked out of the Mills-Mahama cabinet at noontide.

“I did not kill President Mills.” That may very well be the truth. But this long-drawn-out truth clearly leaves the inescapable question of the whodunit deafeningly unanswered. You see, Mr. Mahama, you were the official second-in-command at the time of President Mills’ apparently inexplicable death; so even if you did not kill President Mills yourself, at least someone else must have done this grisly and horrific misdeed since you also do not tell us and have also not mustered the courage to tell for at least two electoral terms that President Mills died of natural causes. At least as Vice-President at the time, you had every right and a bounden obligation to have demanded an autopsy report from the coroner, which you clearly did not. Is this one, too, one of the legion egregious mistakes you want to come back to power in order to be able to correct? At any rate, what makes all the cant talk about the sterling caliber of the so-called Asomdwoehene, the King of Peace, seem all the more obscene and darn ugly beyond description, is the fact that the Asomdwoehene stood boldly and proudly to counted among the staunch backers of Mr. Alfred Agbesi Woyome.

But, Dear Reader, you see, at least the Asomdwoehene was man enough to frankly and publicly vouch for what he authoritatively and firmly believed to be the inalienable constitutional right of the foremost underwriter of the National Democratic Congress to wantonly cream the Ghanaian taxpayer and thus seriously undermine the economic and sociopolitical stability of the country. Which is why it smacks of the unmistakably paradoxical, to speak much less about the downright hypocritical and ironic, to describe the late University of Ghana’s tax-law professor as a King of Peace, or even a Peaceful King. You see, it can be scarcely gainsaid that peace and theft of our country’s scanty fiscal resources do not swim hand-in-glove. Which is why I have always insisted that the late Professor John Evans Atta-Mills was perfectly ensconced in good company among the irredeemably ignoble Looting Brigade of the National Democratic Congress’ hoodlum pack of Galamsey promoting Social Darwinian predators.

Then, also, is it not an indisputable historical fact that it was the Jerry John Rawlings-led regime of the National Democratic Congress that flooded our country with Changfang Excavator-wielding Chinese gold prospectors that effectively laid waste to our hitherto pristine forestry and waterbodies, to such a damnable extent that now environmental experts warn Ghanaians that we risk becoming a major importer of potable drinking water in less than 20 years from hence, if great care is not taken to promptly arrest the wanton destruction of our lands, forestry resources and waterbodies? And to think of the fact that such suicidal destruction of our ecosystem was effected in exchange for the construction of the National Theater in Accra! That is just how indescribably small-minded the self-righteous Apostles of Probity, Transparency, Accountability and Justice are. But, alas, this article was actually supposed to be wholly and squarely about the recent hint that the Independent Special Prosecutor, Mr. Martin ABK Amidu, “deliberately,” auspiciously and strategically spilled into the national media mainstream as a result of which a desperate Candidate John “Akonfem-Kanazoe” Dramani Mahama, the former President of the Sovereign Democratic Republic of Ghana, called the former Attorney-General and Minister of Justice “Stupid!”

And “Stupid!” for what purpose? As we used to say back in the late 1960s and the early 1970s, while yours truly was growing up at Kwabenya, not quite a mile away from the Russian-built Nuclear Research Reactor of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC), and attending the University of Ghana’s Staff-Village Primary School. Well, simply because Mr. Amidu has the marbles to identify Mr. John Dramani Mahama as indisputably the “Government Official Number One” in the Crown Court-obtained documents indicating the inescapable fact that, indeed, like his Ford Expedition SUV Payola Scam, Candidate Mahama is hopelessly mired up to his pate in the European Airbus SE Scandal, in which at least some $ 5 Million (USD) was passed unto the then Vice-President of the Sovereign Democratic Republic of Ghana, in order to have the Ghanaian farmer, blue-collar worker, public and civil servant pay for the criminally inflated and noncompetitively bid purchase of some three military aircraft for use by the Ghana Armed Forces (See “There’s No Stupidity, Cowardice in Deferring Airbus Probe – Amidu Replies Mahama” 11/9/20).

At any rate, the part that really got my horse, as it were, was where the former President is reliably alleged to have falsified some passport application forms for his brother, Mr. Samuel Adam Mahama, by falsely claiming that the latter applicant attended the country’s flagship academy, the University of Ghana, between January 1992 and November 1994. Dear Reader, this pathologically fraudulent character is the Presidential Candidate whom the key operatives of the National Democratic Congress are fervidly looking towards imposing on honest and hardworking bona fide Ghanaian citizens, come December 7, 2020. Let’s all say with one thunderous voice in unison: “Never Again, Mistakes Corrector!”

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By Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe, Jr., PhD

English Department, SUNY-Nassau

Garden City, New York

November 10, 2020

E-mail: [email protected]

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