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Maintaining Honorable Ato Forson As Mp For Ajumako Enyan Essiam District Is A Necessity

By Samuel Duodu Junior
Maintaining Honorable Ato Forson As Mp For Ajumako Enyan Essiam District Is A Necessity
LISTEN OCT 30, 2020

The December 7th election promises to be an exciting game between the two major political parties in the Ajumako Enyan Essiam District.

The seat, which is swing in contest has been won three (3) consecutive times by the ruling government (NPP) and four (4) terms for the opposition party (NDC) including the 2016 elections by Honorable Ato Forson, but what is undebatable is that in the event of dirty propaganda and the intent of seeking the parliamentary seat at the district, Honorable Ato Forson has been the best Member of Parliament since 1992 to date.

Following the developmental projects and initiatives in the constituency, one cannot be ungrateful but be appreciative to Honorable Ato Forson for the immense development.

In spite of the good works, propaganda seems to wave the airwaves on the lies of the opposition Member of Parliament for the NPP in the constituency with the ill intend to depress the pace of development in the constituency. It is my modest plead and caution that, people of the constituency would not fall for the cheap and helpless propaganda and political desire of individuals who have decided to intentionally attack the hard-working Member of Parliament without comparing him to his predecessor, the late Hon. Isaac Edumadzi who became the Member of Parliament from 1997-2008 and a minister as well under formal President J.A. Kuffour.

We, as citizens and natives of the constituency, should show good judgment and be prepared to uncover individuals with the sole aim to attack others even if their performance are better, in the name of attaining political power.

Appreciating him or not, one of the tranquillity and humble personality we have ever had since 1992 as a member of Parliament, is Honorable Ato Forson. Though as human, he may have some lapses as any other persons, but that notwithstanding, his good deeds are exceptional. His way of living as a Member of Parliament for the past years has proven to be peaceful, humble, respectful, incorruptible, intelligent, hardworking, dedicated and focused in the performance of obligations.

The Ajumako Enyan Essiam district can only grow and develop to rock shoulders with other Municipalities and Districts with personalities like Honorable Ato Forson. What we can do is to pray for good health, long life and the Lord's blessings upon his life and be grateful that we have such a person amongst us in the constituency.

*Below are few of the developmental projects under his tenure as a Member of Parliament :*

_The revival of university of education Wineba Ajumako Campus

Bisease town roads

Abassa town roads

Essiam town roads

Ayinasu Solomon roads

Ajumako town roads

Bisease polyclinic

Rehabilitation of Ajumako district hospital

Enyan Denkyira township roads

Free remedial classes and registration for students

Enyan-maim community senior high school

Enyan-Maim community market

Sonkwaa Polyclinic

Enyan-Appaah water project

Enyan-Appaah electrification project

Support for the explanation of Enyan Maim community clinic

Extension of Enyan-Maim electrification project

Kwesi-Gyan NO1&2 electrification project

Enyan-Appaah road under construction

Expansion of leap intervention in the district

Expansion of school feeding program within the district

Expansion of infrastructure at Mando SHS

Enyan-Akotogua electrification projects


The fact above shows that all the nine (9) zones or area council namely, Ajumako, Eyan-maim, Enyan-Dankyire, Breman-Essiam, Mando, Sonkwaa, Bissease, Amia-Baa and Enyan Abaasa within the district have all received their share of the developmental project in the district unlike his predecessor’s tenure where most of the zones within the district were denied development. When you look at the history of the district and performance of all the past Members of Parliament such as Honorable Joseph Kweku Enos, who was a Member of Parliament from 1992-1996 and Honorable Isaac Edumadze who was also Member of Parliament from 1997-2008 it is clearly seen that Honorable Ato Forson stands tall among them all.

When we decide to be truthful and depart from our political colors then we will subtlety have to be thankful and appreciate the achievement of the young man in his bid to lift the face of Ajomako Enyan Essiam district.

As it was said by Oliver Twist, we will without pause demand more from him as a Member of Parliament, but as it stands now he is the best among the rest and more room for improvement.

What electorates need is improvements in their standard of living and getting access to basic needs such as roads, clinic, electricity, good drinking water, school, market, hospitals and many more and that is exactly what Honorable Ato Forson is doing. So far as there is a massive improvement in the district is a sign of hope for better things in the future.

It must be noted that it would be suicidal and hindrance to the development of the district to unseat Honorable Ato Forson. The good people of the district should place more weight on the massive development project so far and disregard any attempt of few individuals who only seek power to serve their personal interest at the expense of the district.

A devil you know is quite better than an angle you don’t know !

Dza ɔfow dua pa na wɔpia no!

Ayɛ bi da na wɔfrɛ no ayɛboafo!

Long live honorable Ato Forson!

Long live Ajumako Ennyan Essiam district!!

Long live Ghana!!!!!!!



By Samuel Duodu junior

Concern youth of A.E.E.D

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