10.10.2020 Feature Article

Voltaza: A Great Idea

Voltaza: A Great Idea
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The people of the Volta region, fun loving as they are don't seem to have enough entertainment going on.

The absence of theatres to showcase our plays, premier our own movies and sing and dance to our own tunes have created a great gap beaten entertainers and their patrons in the region.

In spite of the abundant talents in the region it appears one can only achieve anything when they find a space in Greater Accra or anywhere else outside home, where the gap between the entertainer and his patron is closed enough.

Though we share a common heritage and history and celebrate almost the same theme in our annual festivals, it appears the absence of that oneness that exists in a kingdom state has made it difficult for us to pull our celebrations and entertainment resources together to achieve a feat.

Instituting a common festival that brings us all together, will go a long way to better our lot and help us appreciate our worth. It would help us meet our cousins from the other traditional areas of the Volta Region and provide a bigger platform for us to exhibit our music and arts among other forms of entertainment.

Imagine thousands from all over the region thronging Afadzato, Ʋli or even the Volta estuary as part of an annual Dekawɔwɔza or Voltaza. That is already boost in domestic tourism. Imagine how this celebration could help us establish lasting partnerships for our businesses, create a common goal for our future and bring us together more united.

Together we stand and grow stronger but divided we get weaker and fall.

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