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26.09.2020 Feature Article

Can A New Chapter Of Private-Sector Joint-Venture Relations Between Australia And Ghana Be Opened - Kickstarted By Mirreco?

Can A New Chapter Of Private-Sector Joint-Venture Relations Between Australia And Ghana Be Opened - Kickstarted By Mirreco?
LISTEN SEP 26, 2020

A female-owned Ghanaian green economy business, which was showcased by the Australian High Commissioner, H. E. Gregory Andrews, on his mission's official Facebook page's wall, is definitely worth supporting. One thanks the Aussie diplomat for his dedicated and enthusiastic support of local businesses near the Australian High Commission's offices, and his official residence. How, marvellous. Splendid Aussie gentleman.

Incidentally, since there isn't any doubt about his love for Ghana, and it's beautiful people, one hopes that he will follow up on this bit of export-market-intelligence, for the Commonwealth of Australia, which could lead to a lucrative win-win joint-venture presence, in Ghana, for the dynamic Richard Evans' Mirreco - the innovative and cutting-edge Aussie green economy company, leveraging the industrial hemp value-chain.

As someone whose family has been a cocoa-farming one, from the early 1920s, from the British colonial era, one is keenly aware of the existential threat posed by the gold mining industry (both legal and illegal), to the longterm future of cocoa, Ghana's green-economy-backbone-cash-crop, which almost single-handedly supports our national economy.

On the ground, across the forest belt, there is no question that a new agricultural sector substitute, for cocoa, which is even more valuable, in terms of its value chain's wealth creation, and job creation potential, as well as for its export value potential, must quickly be found, if rural Ghana is not to be eventually denuded of its hardworking and energetic-younger-generations.

That is why one makes bold to invite the current Australian High Commissioner, H. E. Gregory Andrews, to the biggest, of our family's Akyem Abuakwa freehold landholding portfolio, which lies in the Akyem Juaso section, of the Atewa Mountain Range.

It so happens that part of our incredibly beautiful, and biodiversuty-rich, upland evergreen rainforest property, there, totalling 99.6 acres, and referred to, in Forestry Commission jargon, as an 'admitted-farm', lies within the official government Atewa Forest Reserve.

In total, our family owns 14-square miles of freehold land, on the once-heavily-wooded aboreal-slopes of the Akyem Juaso section, of the Atewa Range.

If he is amenable to it, our family, led by my favourite nephew, Eugene Kofi Boakye-Yiadom, Ghana's foremost green entrepreneur, and CEO, of the famed-Legon Botanical Gardens (LBG), will be happy to welcome the Aussie diplomat, to undertake a scoping-inspection-trip, to see for himself, the egregious damage caused by illegal gold miners and illegal loggers, to what is priceless natural capital with huge potential as an ecotourism destination, and site for a living laboratory and centre of excellence, for biodiversity researchers, from Australia and the rest rest our biosphere.

The Australian High Commissioner, H. E. Gregory Andrews, could help save such valuable natural capital, by empowering a Mirreco-led creation, of a new integrated industrial hemp industry, across rural Ghana, to restore mined-out sites nationwide, and make them productive once again. Such a green economy initiative could be truly transformative.

Above all, it will enable the Aussie diplomat to leave a Ghanaian tour-of-duty-legacy, as the most effective Aussie diplomat, deployed here, ever, thus far, in the long history of Ghana-Australia relations. Is he game?

Perhaps the question those of us in rural Ghana, would are concerned about the longterm future, of the Ghanaian countryside, must perforce ponder over is: Can a new chapter of private-sector joint-venture relations between Australia and Ghana, be opened soon - kickstarted by the cutting-edge green Aussie company, Mirreco, venturing here? Cool.

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