01.09.2006 Crime & Punishment

Accra Circuit Court Jails “Sodomist”

By pfm
Accra Circuit Court Jails “Sodomist”
LISTEN SEP 1, 2006

Despite society frowning and looking down on homosexuality or sodomy to the extent that even government has prevented homosexuals and lesbians conference taking place in the country, the practice seem to be deeply rooted in the country.

One Emmanuel Boafo, aged 51 years, has been jailed for 18years in hard labour for having sex with a young boy of 12 years (name withheld) through his anus (sodomy). The convict was jailed by her Honour Madam Tagoe at an Accra Circuit Court. According to the Prosecutor of the case, on 5th October last year, the victim was passing by and Yeboah Boafo called him and gave him ¢2,000 to buy kenkey for him.

The sodomy victim couldn't get the kenkey and Boafo lured him into his room and forcibly had sex with him through his anus. He then gave the victim ¢2000 not to report it to anyone but the victim reported it to his mother who also reported it to the police.

Sperms were found in the anus of the victim when he was sent to the hospital for examination. After that Boafo was arrested and charged with having unnatural sex. At the court, Boafo pleaded not guilty but he was found guilty and jailed.

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