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01.08.2020 Feature Article

Why The Political Comparison, If Nkrumah Was Overthrown For Not Doing Much?

Why The Political Comparison, If Nkrumah Was Overthrown For Not Doing Much?
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I have always said that the more others try harder to rename institutions and rewrite our history to favour them and their families and friends, the more the proper history of those who actually brought about all the good things we live to enjoy today in this country will be revealed to our current generation and generations yet to come.

Nkrumah was the candle which was purposely lit and kept on the African table. And like that Biblical allusion, its shine was brighter as his flame shone and showed the way for many other African countries. He was the moon above the sky that shone for children of Africa to play at night. Nkrumah was the good mother who knew what was always good for her children and Nkrumah never disappointed those who believed in him.

Time and again I have said that those haters of Nkrumah, who are busy renaming institutions they never helped to build or never built same themselves and rewriting the many parts of the history of this country, which they never took part in creating will try as hard as they can but the more they do it, the more many revelations about the actual person or persons behind all these good things will surface for generations yet to come to know the realities.

Nobody says no one contributed to anything. That will be unfair and historical inexactitude! However, the level of everyone's support or contributions must receive the same measure of praise and recognition in our history. No matter how one embellishes the story to favour oneself, it won't fit in well when others look at it with nonpartisan eyes. It, therefore, makes any such efforts of renaming and rebranding and rewriting our institutions and history completely pointless, since that can't and won't add anything development to the nation. The real work is on the grounds, go get it done rather.

Morally, it's unacceptable for a man to give birth to his child and name him only for another man to come and rename same child. You might not know the wisdom in naming such a kid in the first place. It's and will always, therefore, be an exercise in futility for any man who renames and rewrites the historical facts and figures of another man. One may succeed in doing it, but what are the merits to the nation apart from winning political power?

The other day I heard it's said that some people's achievements can only be compared to our first ever visionary president of this land. I laughed, laughed, and laughed the laughter I have never laughed in my entire life. Then what I keep thinking about this whole balderdash was like" if your achievements are good enough to only be compared to anyone you hated so much and did everything under this sun to thwart his efforts in developing this country, then all you did to have him overthrown only amounted to nothing but a mark of sheer envy shrouded in total stupidity. How can one say one's achievements are as super as anyone who one ever accused of having done nothing? This made me impressively disappointed in such lame and porous political comparison. And no sane minded person should ever do a thing like that again. Just an unsolicited counsel to the political jejune and unwise.

Ghanaians can be told what you think it is today, but which can never nor shall ever be near the truth. For you're in charge today, and like the old adage goes " He who pays the piper, calls the tunes". But hey! You must always remember what my grandfather once told me. He said that, when everyone is singing your appellations while you are dancing, it doesn't mean you're the best dancer in the entire village but that, maybe you can pay those who sing your praises in public, even when you're a terrible dancer". I love Baaladong for all the witty he so much bequeathed! To me, this is what our society has become. That the one in charge today is always right. Let him leave the seat today, and you hear the negativity about him and you will be begged to stop weeping. hypocritical praise singers for you today, will certainly turn around to criticize your massive incompetence as if they never said anything good about you before.

The man Nkrumah was overthrown, his political party thus the great CPP disbanded, his ideology prohibited and he was tagged a bad dictator who did nothing for the development of this country. Today, you want to associate with his positive achievements as you compare your nonexistent achievements to his? Just do a quarter of what you never allowed him to do before thinking of making such weird comments next time. Not all Ghanaians are or can be blindfolded accepting such hogwash beliefs.

Nkrumah will forever be the name as CPP will forever remain the true party, that can salvage and revamp the sick and wobble economic situation we have found ourselves in now. Nobody knew how the ideology of the man Nkrumah worked for this country to bring us out of the shitty colonialism to independence. It will, therefore, take only those same ideology, which many thoughts are buried with the man, to save this country. If those thoughtful ideologies are buried with the man, because he is dead, to which we in the CPP and many others believe he never dies, why do you study ancient ideologies which many have not to place in modern day's life? Truly, Nkrumah never dies!!!

Long live mother Ghana

Long live Nkrumah

Long live the CPP

Long live Upper West CPP

Long live my good self.

Ghanaians are watching!!!

Francis Angbabora Baaladong

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