07.08.2006 General News

Lebanese Businessman loses family to Isreali aggression in Lebanon

By Erastus Asare-Donkor
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A Lebanese Businessman in Kumasi, Mr. Hisham Koudsi has lost five of his relatives in the Israel offensive in Lebanon. The lost family members are, the grand mum, sister, brother and two nieces aged two and four years respectively.

The deceased were hiding in their home in the Lebanese town of Elhoush, South of Lebanon, when they were hit by a blast. Mr. Koudsi who works with “Market Direct”, a provisions supplying Company in Kumasi is said to be grief stricken and is yet to recover from his traumatic experience.

Mr. Ali Basman, a Spokesperson for the Lebanese Community in Kumasi, disclosed this to Kapital News in an interview after a ceremony held in memory of the innocent victims of the latest aggression in Lebanon, at the Lebanese club in Kumasi.

The over 150 Lebanese residents in Kumasi and their sympathizers held lighted candles at the weekend, observed a minute silence for the departed souls and prayed for a halt to the hostilities and the return of peace. On display were disturbing pictures of the mutilated bodies of women and children killed as a result of intense fighting between Israel and Hezbollah Guerillas in Lebanon.

They held placards with the inscriptions, “ An eye for an eye will only make us all blind,” “Stop destroying Lebanon,” ” We want peace,” “Uncle Kofi Annan, save us,” “Stop the genocide and stop killing our children,” among others. The President of the Lebanon World Cultural Union, Mr. Jihad Hashem called for the help of the Security Council to bring the hostilities to a halt.

Answering a question on, who to blame for the crisis, a Spokesperson for the Lebanese Community in Kumasi, Mr. Ali Basman, said, “It's not about blaming one another. At appoint in time, you can only blame war! But at the end it's the innocent that suffers.” The Lebanese community in Kumasi, called for a halt to the hostilities, to prevent the spilling of more innocent blood. Present at the short ceremony was the Bantamahene, Baffour Owusu Asare Amankwatia.

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