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15.07.2020 Editorial

Editorial: Covid-19 Politics: NDC Returns

Editorial: Covid-19 Politics: NDC Returns
LISTEN JUL 15, 2020

The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) 'poor score' for government's management of the Covid-19 pandemic is unsurprising.

The party lacks the moral uprightness to be objective and could not have joined the rest of the world, especially the World Health Organisation (WHO), in showering plaudits on the government for an excellent Covid-19 management.

Sammy Gyamfi, the party's spokesperson, as it were, was vociferous as ever when he recently stated without shame that the government is failing in the fight against the pandemic, adding that 'things are falling apart'.

It would be interesting to imagine how the NDC would have managed the pandemic given its track record of seeking to fleece money from any situation that rears its head.

Anyway, Ghana's management of the health emergency presents one of the best models worldwide. The US, Australia, Hong Kong and many others are still battling with a seeming intractable conundrum.

The Yankees are nowhere near getting on top of the pandemic yet a small country like Ghana has a better grip on the situation, with its recovery rate being one of the best in the world.

And Sammy wants us to believe that his party could have done better? Blimey! That is fictional thinking and far away from the truth.

We could have ignored Sammy and his desperate party but for the need to strip naked so their hypocrisy can be further exposed for those who do not know them to do so. Since the party's preoccupation is to present a picture of a group of Ghanaians with a better governance template ignoring them entirely would be irresponsible. The people of Ghana who are too young to have witnessed firsthand the incompetence of the NDC should be told the party which is talking about a better alternative.

Subtly they wished the pandemic would have been as aggressive as it was in Europe and now the US.

Pained by the amazing recovery rate, the NDC questioned the authenticity of the number of recovered persons. The WHO reviewed the standards for declaring the status of patients after they undergo a regimen of treatment which is exactly what the health authorities are using to declare patients recovered and, therefore, discharged.

Our health authorities, with the support of government, have managed the situation very well hence the excellent recovery rate.

What the NDC should be doing is encouraging Ghanaians, especially Accra residents, to use face masks and avoid politicizing a subject which had it been at the helm would have bungled it.

We recall the party's call for the return of Ghanaians in Italy. It was declined and that inure to our interest.

Whatever happened to the NDC Covid-19 committee of experts?

Some subjects, especially health matters, should be spared the political pranks of the NDC, and Covid-19 is one.

---Daily Guide

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