25.07.2006 Crime & Punishment

Ghanaian Woman In London Held Over Murder Of Husband

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A 26-year-old Ghanaian woman, Mrs Kate West, has been arrested by the police for the alleged murder of her 76-year-old British husband, it was reported in London at the weekend.

It is believed that Kate who lived with her wealthy husband, Mr William West in Hastings, East Sussex in the UK, hired gangsters to burn the man alive while they were on holiday in The Gambia.

She then returned to the UK to inform the police that her husband had "disappeared on a day's trip to The Gambia".

According to reports, after Kate registered her husband missing, detectives in Sussex asked her to return to The Gambia to inform the police in that country as well.

But she was arrested on her arrival in The Gambian capital, Banjul, early last week.

A Sussex police spokesman was quoted as saying "she was under no obligation to go but I encouraged her to go and gave her a letter to pass to the police there".

London tabloids on Saturday carried photographs of the couple and detailed accounts of how the woman confessed to killing her husband and helped the police to find his charred body in the village of Sanyang, 20 miles from Banjul.

According to the report, two British men and a Nigerian had also been arrested in connection with Mr West's death.

Although Mrs West is originally from Ghana, she lived in The Gambia where she met the wealthy Septuagenarian and they got married six years ago, the report stated. Investigations continue.
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