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Freedom never comes - Part 22

Freedom never comes - Part 22
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"One significant problem of the human race is," started Monica Blum to lecture, "that the first Adam was born as a complete ready adult physically, mentally, intellectually and spiritually. Humans born after him had to go through a process. They were born as babies, grew up, were educated and then went their own ways always lambasted over and by others that think they know this world better than anyone and specifically know what is best for another person. They try to limit the freedom of choice for their loved once and beyond out of fear, misunderstanding or not understanding things at all, but mostly out of jealousy."

"Most killings outside of war times are committed by persons close and around the victim...and besides greed to steal other people´s assets, out of jealousy. Jealousy is a truly deadly weapon, I am a living testimony to it knowing it so well in my own family," said Heinz Wohlfarth remembering what had been done to him to take his future. But as he was obeying the laws of God he was protected, that was what he knew so well. Time and God were constantly on his side.

"Yes, that is so true. No wonder that Cain killed his brother Abel and Joseph was sent into slavery by his brothers and into prison by the Pharaoh’s wife...jealousy when the star above someone is shining, enemies in your own family rush to the scene and do everything possible to destroy you, "said Monica Blum with great wisdom in her eyes. "But...the good news is, there is no need to be under any pressure of anyone, not even an evil family or family member. Everyone has the power in him or her to set him or her free from evil and come out even stronger than before as this jealousy period is nothing but a testing time for us to see how much we follow and trust in God, in his power, in his strength. So, it is basically on us individuals whether or not we allow others to take us to witches and destroy our lives or whether we go to Pastors and they intervene for us at the throne of the most High, our Lord Jesus Christ. Daniel in the lion pit was tested, so why should we so called normal people with a great testimony in us not also be tested so that at the end we can share our testimony with others for them to hear our personal story and conquer the evil spirits as well."

"Great words of a great Lady!" smiled George Fähnrich. "Everyone should hear!"

" be free and to be free to make our own choices as we ourselves see it and not as they are in the minds, eyes and ears of others...truly this takes time, it is a development. For that reason, Adam was not qualified for as he was born matured and not developed. I mean freedom is not given to us for free. I mean we are born, have a body, a mind, a free will, built all that does not mean that freedom automatically was attached to it. I mean, it is imbedded in us like our genetic code that must be located and found, than extracted and after that we must be able to read the code, understand its meaning and implications and then...simply use it for our own good...and not of and for the others, as they have their own code very, very different from ours."

"Wise young man!" smiled Monica Blum and cleared the table, a sign for her soon to excuse herself and join her husband in bed. "I am so, so happy to see young kids these days, not like in our times when we had nothing but to struggle to survive the next hour, that they try to find answers to this fundamental question, like other fundamental questions also. They seem no more willing to accept what the older generation tells them. As they are teenagers tempted by group pressure, parties, music videos, useless e-games and what have you not, I trust and hope at least few will take their quiet time and stay by themselves to find the best answers possible to come out as a great generation over time. I truly hope so."

"Time will tell whether they are different than the generations past or whether after a certain period of revolution in their hearts and minds they will fall back into the same old style as their ancestors did," got Heinz Wohlfarth up, turned around standing in the door frame wishing his host a very good night and smiled.

"The hamster peoples!" laughed Monica Blum closing the door for the night.

Heinz Wohlfarth and George Fähnrich walked through the night, the place to sleep was in easy reach. They kept silent for some moments. No one was walking in the streets, streets were empty. Houses were mainly in darkness, people asleep.

Heinz Wohlfarth broke the silence half way to the beach: "I wonder whether people that were hurt like the Jews will themselves have a different view on people they might hurt with what they do and think?"

George Wohlfarth stood still and looked at his friend: "A very provocative...nevertheless very interesting question. I know some people here that I have spoken to them want a peaceful solution to the problem and want to stop the illegal settlements as they see it and the Palestinians see it. But the hardliners have a different view on this matter, they think it is just what they do and their wash their hands in innocence."

"I have often asked myself this question and do not have a final answer. I myself also know that some Jews that were in German concentration camps forgave us and in fact love us. I have the distinct impression when walking around here in this country most people in fact admire us for our Wirtschaftswunder but have reservations towards Germany because of the past and how we deal with it in the support of their current political line in this region. When critical voices come from Germany to see both sides of the conflict, then our past is always present. Chancellor Helmut Schmidt stated publicly the policy of the European Union in the conflict here and Prime Minister Menachim Begin criticized him seriously to the extend ambassadors of sides were called back home and diplomatic contact was silenced for three months. I mean we all remember this very well, don`t we?"

"Yes, we do!" answered George fähnrich, put their red blanket into the sun, opened up his sleeping bag, put onto the blanket next to the one of his friend, sat on his sleeping back to overlook from the dune the dark Sea in front of him. They had a simply, but first-class view of a country and nature, rough, pure, unspolit that no five-star hotel would have been able to offer them at all.

"To forgive someone is not easy, I am telling you," said Heinz Wohlfarth and looked to his right straight into the face of his friend that was not moved but looked straight ahead into the night that was in line with the quiet Sea, no waves, only water up to the horizon. "It took me hard inner work and intellectual capacity to understand this important issue. When you look into the bible Jesus Christ is telling us we should forgive basically always; this mainly sets us free from emotional harm to move forward in life and at the same time shows him our strength as believers. But in my view, many misunderstand this advice seriously. They think we must forgive up to the extent that in the end we are fools. The bible is not saying that we must forgive and still interact with every person we have forgiven. Some people exist that have sinned against us, we forgive and they think they can come closer to us again having in mind nothing but to look for the right moment to mess up our life again and sin against us once more. Or, like it happened to one of my best friends that has a sister wishing him to die, asking him to take his own life even, puts out lies in public against him and does many more evil things. Now, such a person is very dangerous, they are evil, witches and wizards. As regards to them forgiveness is not the answer but the attitude of a fool. In such cases where someone wants you to die, you have to fight against that person and pray hard this person dies before you. Most certainly that evil person has the backing of witches and wizards to end your life, therefore you must pray to God with the help of Pastors that such an evil person dies before you. Yes, it is often very painful as it happens in the family, people that are close to you, you shared a common cause. But in the end as a believe you must be wise and wake up that not all people around you and in this world you can convince with evidence of your cause, the truth of the matter, but that wan deep in their heart in in words spoken and written that you may die as you are an evil person yourself. Such monster evil people you cannot talk to or forgive, in such cases it is only you die, or the person dies, the witch send against you. The good news is that God is more powerful than any witch or wizard and when you are in line with the words of your Prophets and Pastors, listen to their advice, accept what they tell you. When they warn you, I mean many of your Pastors warn you not to meet such evil people alone face to face anymore as their intention is to finish you finally and take life away from you. So, someone must wise up and understand when to forgive and when to be a wise Christian, a fighter."

"Very dramatic words!" said George Fähnrich. "Sister wanting to kill brother...seriously dangerous!"

"Look around the world an into history, how many times this already had happen...too often, I am telling you, “laid Heinz Wohlfarth in his sleeping bag about to close his eyes and snore away. "And it will never stop unless humans are no more, I am telling you as life is!"

"You are right," turned George Fähnrich facing the other side, “life is nothing for beginners, only for professionals!"

"We are brothers in Christ Jesus...good night!" started Heinz Wohlfarth to fall asleep. The waves were rushing to shore without making noise.

Minutes before four in the morning the sun started to rise at the horizon. Slowly did she make her way up ready to die late afternoon on the other side. Heinz Wohlfarth was touched by the early morning sunbeams like a light feather smoothly wanting him to return back into action. He sat upright in his sleeping back seeing George Fähnrich by his side still in the lands of dreams, being peaceful with low heartbeat, his chest rising up and coming down hardly to be noticed. Heinz Wohlfarth tried not to look straight into the sun knowing the effect of ultraviolet light at by the seaside is greater than on a field inland. In the far distance he saw a container vessel leaving Israel on route to Cyprus and the rest of Europe. A small fisher boat made its way back into Haifa Port. He turned around seeing behind him to his immediate right a shopping street filled with kiosks and shops, two story buildings mostly. The doors of the shops were still closed, the street empty. He looked down to George Wohlfarth still sleeping peacefully not knowing his friend was already awake. Heinz Wohlfarth closed his eyes and thought of Linda Evans and Fred Walter asking himself where they might have gone to. With no reference in their pockets and known to the Association of Kibbutz in Tel Aviv why they were kicked out of Kibbutz Ginegar, what was their option. Short of money, most certainly, the alternatives were limited especially as a group to find another Kibbutz or other place to work for money or pocket money and lodging. To leave to neighbouring countries would also not be an option as once the stamp of Israel was in their passports Arab countries would refuse them entry. He felt sorry for them, especially Linda Evans was so much on his mind. She was such a nice and gentle person, well educated, well mannered, good character deep down in her heart, yet attracted to bad boys wasting precious time of her life. The thought went through his mind that a great number of women are eager to get involved in men that are not good for them and they know it. Still they have set their mind on a useless path to spend time with these men hoping and trusting they can change them only to realize over time of constant disappointment that some men will stay the same for always. He remembered a friend that felt in love with a man very good looking, tall, charming at first sight, a true womanizer. Being a simple worker, she did not mind as his looks were more important to her than money can buy. He was very much a man in a gang of boys of his age. Often, she would ask him to spend more time with her than he would spend with his buddies. He insisted that he would never abandon his friends, she was hoping one day, certainly one day when they settle down as family and have children of their own, he would come down and spend quality time with his family, so with her. She got pregnant at sixteen, lost the child, lost more children over time until two children eventually saw the light of the day, a girl first, a boy followed. She still believed seriously each and every day her husband would become a father to their children and a true husband to her. The time came she gave up, kicked him out of the house and stayed with her kids alone. Time passed, she accepted him back convinced a second shot to change him would be possible but had to realize over time, that man would never change but always be a married bachelor with kids. She kicked him out a second time only to marry a man that was far under her power, simple minded person with no ambition and no good looks to compensate for that.

George Fähnrich opened his eyes, what he saw first was Heinz Wohlfarth that unwrapped himself from the sleeping bag and sat in the warm sand. He greeted him, thanks for the warm coffee he offered him Monica Blum had given to them in the night, enjoyed the chocolate chips little cakes as a first morning treat. He looked around; the fisher boat had already disappeared into the Port of Haifa. He took a deep breath to inhale the salty water of the Sea right in front of him. He tried to compare the water and surrounding with what he was used to from Lübeck and Timmendorfer Strand, his home base, yet the water seemed to taste slightly different. While in his corner of the world the smell of fish was more present in the air, here he did not see or smell any fish close by. Children collecting shells on the beach was not as popular as in his hometown as not too many of them landed on shore. While at Timmendorfer Strand spells of small oil patches were a regular occurrence, here he did not spot any of them. The beach was sparkling clean. Heinz Wohlfarth looked behind them while emptying his cup of coffee and Linda Evans still on his mind he saw a young woman leaving her house, closing the door, opened her car and drove off. Minutes later a man left his house, walked up the road three houses away, unlocked a shop and entered.

George Fähnrich felt Heinz Wohlfarth was thinking and dreaming his life away, not present in the here and now, he looked to his right and spotted a Feeder Vessel leaving Haifa Port asking himself to which country it might head to. Most likely he thought it would reach Cyprus in few hours. A TV report he once was watching appeared before his eyes. When marrying cross religious believes it becomes a serious problem in Israel for which reason some couples take the easy way out and marry in Cyprus. Would on this vessel be such couples, was he asking himself to dream away. Then he looked around and saw behind him in the shopping street two men greeting each other, getting into one car and drove off. One shop, it seemed from far to be a bakery, got open and an old woman entered. Few minutes later she was back in the street heading home. A schoolboy on his bike rode by and dropped the early newspapers in front of the houses onto the ground. He was fast, very fast, seemed he was a bit late for his pocket money job. From the distance they could hear the noise of airplanes leave and coming into the country.

"If people would all be themselves and not for other people´s life...this world could be such a wonderful place. Problems still would exist, no doubt as humans in itself are problems, but the speed of creativity and the numbers of creative solutions would truly make the world a better place and address problems fast," looked George Fähnrich into the morning sky realizing the sun was making them feel hot again.

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