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World Christian Leaders Online Conference Kicks Off; Millions To Be Positively Affected Globally

Guest Speaker Rev. Dr. Ock Soo ParkGuest Speaker Rev. Dr. Ock Soo Park
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Over the past few months, Christian ministers who perceive the changes which have occurred in the society to be a stepping stone and an opportunity for worldwide evangelization have gathered their hearts to commence an On-line Conference. The conference which begins on the 25th(Thurs) of June 2020 is dubbed the ‘CLF WORLD CONFERENCE.’

Christianity has not been left out of the devastating effects of the pandemic. Most church-centered groups have turned to online worship and online services have become a network through which the world can be connected.

In these unusual times, the Christian Leaders Fellowship(CLF), a worldwide inter-denominational Ministers’ Organization has prepared this on-line conference for Christian leaders who are going through difficulties due to COVID-19 to overcome the crisis and to seek the path which their churches should go.

The theme of the conference simply is COME BACK.

The Christian Leaders Fellowship prior to this conference threw a question to all ministers over the world; “Are you ready for your COMEBACK?“

This CLF programme is a rare opportunity for ministers to reminisce the meaning of ‘COMEBACK’ through specially prepared lectures, testimonies, fellowship etc. It is a time for all Christians and Christian leaders from all countries in the world to return to calling on the name of God.

The essence of the theme ’COMEBACK’is to blow the new life of the gospel to families, churches and the entire society.It is a call on the entire Christianity to return to the true church which conveys the blessings of God to all mankind.

From the 25thto the 27th, Reverend Ock Soo Park is expected to give realizations and assurances about the precise forgiveness of sin and being born again in two sessions. Morning session at 10:30am and 7:30pm in the evening.

Rev. Ock Soo Park, on the first day, lectured on the meaning of ‘being born again’ according to the Bible. Rev. Ock Soo Park gave an example of grafting apples and Korean melons and explained that for human to be born again, it also follows the same principle.

Rev. Ock Soo Park said, “As grafting is done to change the root, humans also need to take off their hearts and to wear the heart of Jesus.” He emphasized that “if this is done, whoever we may be, we can truly be changed.”

Rev. Ock Soo Park said the important thing is it is to know precisely that the result of living a life according to my thoughts is destruction and failure, and to accept the words of the bible. He preached the gospel one more time from Romans chapter 3.

Rev. Ock Soo Park said that, “Jesus never fails. He has washed our sin perfectly through crucifixion. And Jesus resurrected to testify that he has washed our sin. We should not believe our thoughts but believe the word of God.”

Rev. Ock Soo Park has ministered for the past 60 years with the motor, ‘The Gospel to the ends of the earth, with the Lord to the end of time.’ He is the most renowned gospel preacher of this age preaching more than three times a day, 1200 times a year.

In his meetings with 29 Heads of States of 23 countries,he has had face to face interactions 51times and opened the bible to share the word of God with them. Rev. Park established Christian Leaders Fellowship in 2017 for the ministers of this age for the purpose of spreading the gospel everywhere.

Through the CLF, 360,000 ministers from 100 countries in the world keep having exchange on a regular basis and learning spiritual life and ministry which focuses on the bible. Many of such ministers keep testifying about the changes they receive within themselves.

Countries of the world are holding seminars, broadcasted sermons and on-line sermons in order to listen to Rev. Park’s sermon who is appraised as the ‘primus inter pares’ of all ministers of his time. Rev. Park preached for 90 minutes as main speaker before 100,000 people at the Passover Festival which was held in the National Mandela Stadium upon the invitation of Bishop Joseph Seruwada, the Chairman of Uganda Christian Ministers Federation and a member of the presidential advisory committee member.

Recently, He had On-line sermons broadcasted to 6 million people in his 2020 Easter Union Service which was held on-line due to COVID-19. Through this 2020 On-line Seminar (during which Rev. Park was the main speaker), the gospel was delivered in 94 countries, 276 TV and radio stations to 1 billion viewers. His sermons on the book of John were telecast on CTN, the largest Christian broadcasting station in the USA.

The manager of the Korean branch of Christian Leaders Fellowship said, “The church and its leaders have to focus on the preaching of the gospel which can give hope, joy, and thankfulness to people in order to resolve the difficulty of social isolation and distance people are experiencing due to COVID-19. We expect that the ministers who feel a sense of insecurity would join us to prepare for an uncertain future and have a special time to focus on the authority of the bible and the ability of the word itself and to recover the essence of spiritual life and church.”


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