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24.06.2020 General News

Nigeria: Steve Babaeko To Run For President

Steve Babaeko Steve Babaeko
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Popular Nigerian advertising and music executive, Steve Babaeko is allegedly running for President in Nigeria.

Steve Babaeko is the Group Chief Executive Officer of X3M Group, made up of X3M Ideas, X3M Music, Zero Degrees and Babaeko Farms Ltd. among others.

Following a leak of what looks like a campaign site for an eventual announcement, Nigerians have taken to social media to express their pleasure and excitement in having a different type of leader.

In one of the tweets, a young Lagos based entrepreneur said, "This is how to announce your presidential ambition. Early. Pray this is true."

Babaeko who has remained silent on the issue since the news broke shared a tweet via his twitter account saying, “It is time”.

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The advertising executive's website comes at a time when the country is battling gender based violence, to rising numbers of COVID-19 confirmed cases and related deaths and of course a fragile economy. Eager young Nigerians have hope again, with this news.

In the words of a political commentator on twitter, “Maybe we need an announcement like this to spice things up. It won’t be an easy race if Steve is indeed running but I believe he will bring his marketing communications experience to fight a good fight”.


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