04.07.2006 General News

Prof. Asenso-Okyere returns to work

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The Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana Professor Kwadwo Asenso- Okyere resumes work today after a year's suspension for what officials described as adverse findings made against him in the exams scandal that hit the university last year.

The Professor's son K T Asenso Okyere was found to have personally leaked exam questions in a scandal that affected several students of the university. K T was dismissed by the university council and his father was however asked to proceed on leave or resign. But the vice chancellor fought back with the help of several groups that mushroomed across the university campus. One such group is the Third Eye Network. Prince Okyere who led the group's campaign in support of the Professor Asenso Okyere says his return is a vindication that he did no wrong

“It is victory for Prince Okyere and the third eye network and it is victory not for only Prof Asenso Okyere and his family but it is a huge victory for justice in this country and for our human rights record in this country”.

“Because, as you know there are several people in this country who go through such injustice and they do not have the courage to fight for it and get back but for Prof, I think he has done a very good job because it took him a lot of strength and courage to be able to fight back”.

Prince Okyere expects Professor Asenso Okyere to use his remaining three months as vice-chancellor to critically look at the exams scandal at the university to forestall a future occurrence.

“He is going to have a huge task ahead of him because the same council members who asked him to leave are the same council members he is going to work with. So he has a huge task trying to play the reconciliation role to bring all of them on board”.

”Secondly, he has to try and find out what actually went wrong in his time, why all these malpractices happened. I agree it has being happening since time in memorial but he has to still go back to the drawing board and look at what actually happened, how come it exploded like that and if he can do something to turn the situation around so that is why he should come and continue because this is very serious”, he said.

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