15.06.2020 Travel & Tourism

GHATOF Advocates For The Development Of Tourism Infrastructure In Ghana

By Ghana Tourism Federation Secretariat
GHATOF Advocates For The Development Of Tourism Infrastructure In Ghana
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THE GHANA Tourism Federation (GHATOF) has called on Government to consider upgrading Ghana’s tourism infrastructures to attract more international and local visitors.

According to GHATOF, over the years, Ghana’s tourism infrastructures have not seen significant facelift which to a large extent has weakened attempts made at attracting visitors to tourism sites across country.

Mr Emmanuel Frimpong, the Executive Secretary of GHATOF, who made this known, highlighted, “Due to our lack of maintenance culture, most of these infrastructures are in deplorable state. Many interesting tourism and attraction sites are equally in appalling condition making them lose their values of attraction.

“We believe this will help to attract more tourists to patronise our attraction sites and also empower the private sector to champion certain aspects of tourism development. We are still dependent on the government to play its role.”

Mr Emmanuel Frimpong continued that most of the roads leading to the various tourist destinations were in horrible state which has made internal travels very difficult, unattractive and caused revenue loss to the sector.

He, meanwhile, commended the BUSAC Fund and its development partners DANIDA and USAID for sponsoring the research AND advocacy drive.

“It is the hope of GHATOF and its sponsors BUSAC Fund and its development partners DANIDA and USAID that the attention of the Government would be drawn to this all important sector create more jobs and reduce poverty”.

The Ghana Tourism Federation (GHATOF) over the last few months has embarked on an extensive advocacy programme on several media platforms to discuss the state of tourism infrastructure in the country.

Such advocacy has been made possible with the support from BUSAC Fund and its development partners, DANIDA and USAID.

The Ghana Tourism Federation (GHATOF) is the umbrella body of the various private trade associations, such as the Ghana Hotels Association, Tour Operators Union Association, Ghana Chefs Association, Tourism Society of Ghana, Tour Guides Association of Ghana, and many others mandated to advocate the development and the growth of the industry as well as identify various opportunities and challenges hindering the development of the industry.

GHATOF, over the years has addressed issues affecting the industry and has organized stakeholder engagements to come out with various findings impeding tourism development in Ghana.

The hospitality and tourism industry has over the years been a major contributor to Ghana’s GDP.

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